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K-State ASI analytical lab renamed Ben E. Brent Analytical Lab

MANHATTAN, Kan. – The Kansas State University Department of Animal Sciences and Industry Analytical Lab in Weber 202 was renamed on Dec. 14, the Ben E. Brent Analytical Lab.

Ben Brent, Manhattan, Kan., spent 36 years serving K-State and animal sciences and industry stakeholders. He joined the K-State ASI faculty in 1966 after first earning his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from K-State and his doctorate in ruminant nutrition from Michigan State University.

His career was exemplified by his role in elevating the research component of the department. Guy Kiracofe, KSU ASI professor emeritus, said, “Ben was the faculty member who put ‘science’ in animal science and industry. He made a huge contribution to our department.”

Brent provided the leadership and direction in the development of a cooperative analytical lab to provide services to all animal-related areas of the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station.

Kiracofe said that Brent helped build ASI’s reputation as a research department, which helped recruit graduate students. He was also an early pioneer in the ASI department regarding the application of computers to address animal agriculture applications.

“His guidance and service on graduate student advisory committees was truly outstanding,” Kiracofe said. “His mantra was service above self.”

Today, Brent stays active in the Manhattan area playing in the community band and is treasurer for the First United Methodist Church. He also has a passion for commodity trading and is a founding partner of Buchanan and Company in Manhattan. His wife of 44 years, Ellie, passed away in December 2016.


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