Ken Haas Angus “Right Combination” Bull Sale |

Ken Haas Angus “Right Combination” Bull Sale

This crew made the trek from Cheyenne to LaGrange for the Ken Haas Angus bull sale. Photo by Scott Dirk

TFP Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: 01/19/2021

Location: Sale held at the ranch, LaGrange, WY

Auctioneer: Lex Madden


109 Angus Bulls Avg. $6186


Excellent sale for Ken Haas Angus. Ken and Heather along with daughter Kendall have a reputation of breeding “carcass” bulls that have tons of eye appeal. These bulls sold very well with many repeat buyers in the seats. Besides a great set of bulls, the steak lunch is well worth the effort to attend this sale.

Top selling bulls include:

Lot 95, KCH Monumental 860, 1/20 son of EXAR Monumental x Quaker Hill Manning to Semex, ON, CA for $17,500.

Lot 26, KC Haas Guideline 110, 2/20 son of EXAR Guru 871B x SydGen Copyright 9080 to Semex, ON, CA for $15,500.

Lot 94, KCH Monumental 801, 2/20 son of EXAR Monumental 6056B x DAR Ten Proof 3050 to Hester Farms, Lusk, WY for $15,000.

Lot 66, KCH Inertia 622, 3/20 son of GAR Inertia x VAR Classified 3176 to Wells Ranch, Gill, CO for $14,000.

Lot 34, KCH Fireball 751, 3/20 son of GB Fireball 672 x AAR Ten X 7008 SA to Boothill 7 Ranch, Lusk, WY for $11,500.

Lot 1, KCH Warhead 084, 10/19 son of BUBS Southern Charm AA31 x SydGen C & 7 0679 to 2 Bar Ranch, Mitchell, SD for $11,500.


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