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KJLS draws youth from 93 counties

HUTCHINSON, Kan. — Winning exhibitors at the 88th Kansas Junior Livestock Show earned premiums, while others were presented scholarships for excelling academically, in community service and in 4-H/FFA. The largest youth livestock show in Kansas featured 661 showmen from 93 counties, who exhibited 1,395 head of livestock, including 108 market steers, 269 breeding heifers, 153 market hogs, 174 breeding gilts, 214 market lambs, 201 breeding ewes, 140 market goats and 136 commercial doe kids. The statewide event was held Oct. 2-4 at the Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson.

Tyra Meyer from Sylvan Grove led the grand champion market steer, a 1,360 pound Charolais entry. The steer show was sponsored by Merck Animal Health. Pre-determined cash premiums were awarded to the top five animals in both the market and breeding shows for all four species. Meyer received a $4,000 premium for her steer. The reserve champion steer, weighing 1,370 lbs., came from the crossbred division and was owned by Wesley Denton of Blue Rapids, who received a $2,000. Third overall, worth $1,000, went to the champion Chianina steer, owned by Thade Combs of Hutchinson. Placing fourth overall and earning a $750 premium was the champion Angus, exhibited by Nick Siemens from Towanda. Fifth went to the reserve champion crossbred, owned by Rilee McGraw of Garden City, who earned $500. The reserve champion Charolais was shown by Amanda Emmerson from Fort Scott. Dax Seibert, Macksville, owned the reserve Chianina steer. The reserve Angus steer was led by Aubree McCurry, Hutchinson. Cally Miller of El Dorado showed the champion Hereford steer, with Cami Miller of El Dorado owning the reserve. The champion Shorthorn steer was led by Kolton Meyer of Sylvan Grove, with Jansen Gerstner, Frankfort, leading the reserve. Gerstner also owned the champion Shorthorn Plus steer. Hayden Englert of Washington exhibited the reserve. In the Simmental division, Jara Throp from Burlington owned the champion. Clay Pelton from Paradise led the reserve. The champion Maine-Anjou steer was shown by Ava Jane Combs from Hutchinson. Cale Shorter of Dexter exhibited the reserve. In the all-other-breeds (AOB) division, Jody Mead of McPherson led the champion. Macey Lewis from Douglass showed the reserve.

McKenna Richardson of Eureka owned the supreme champion in the breeding heifer show, sponsored by Merck Animal Health. Richardson was awarded a $1,000 premium for her Limousin entry. Reserve supreme went to a Chianina heifer, earning $750, shown by Darla Fesmire, Bartlett. Third overall, which earned $500, went to the champion Percentage Simmental led by Abby Wood of Leavenworth. Kelsey Theis, also from Leavenworth, exhibited the champion Angus heifer that received fourth overall and $400. The fifth overall heifer, earning $300, was the reserve Percentage Simmental led by Lauren Aust from La Cygne. The reserve Limousin was exhibited by Cadie Thomson from Winfield. The reserve Chianina was led by Charlee Jantz, Greensburg. Cohen Navinsky from Winchester showed the reserve Angus heifer. The champion Charolais heifer was owned by Hayden Englert, Washington. Weston Schrader of Wells led the reserve Charolais. Josi Schrader, Wells, showed the champion Percentage Charolais. Dax Seibert from Macksville owned the reserve champion. The champion Hereford heifer was exhibited by Cami Miller, El Dorado. William Meinhardt, Marysville, led the reserve Hereford. Peyton Baalman from Quinter showed the champion Maine-Anjou heifer. Parker Dicks from Great Bend led the reserve Maine-Anjou. The champion Mainetainer heifer was exhibited by Jackie Sleichter, Abilene. Jacob Hanen, Buhler, led the reserve Mainetainer. Whitley Frost from Esbon owned the champion Red Angus heifer. Allyson Rietcheck, Gardner, showed the reserve Red Angus. The champion Shorthorn was exhibited by Kaden Stroup, Parker. Braylee Kraisinger, Hugoton, led the reserve Shorthorn. In the Shorthorn Plus division, Ryder Heter from Raymond showed the champion heifer. The reserve Shorthorn Plus was exhibited by Preston Landoll of Marysville. Champion and reserve AOB went to heifer entries from Gabrielle Hammer of Wallace. The champion commercial heifer was led by Gracie Karst, Russell. Shaylee Baalman, Quinter, exhibited the reserve commercial heifer.

In the senior beef showmanship division, Wesley Denton from Blue Rapids was champion showman. Reserve went to Jody Mead of McPherson. Completing the top five, in order of finish, were Gracie Karst, Russell; Lauren Frederick, Sterling; and Weston Schrader, Wells. In the intermediate division, Jase Beltz from Canton was named champion showman. Ava Jane Combs from Hutchinson was reserve. Completing the top five, in order of finish, were Cohen Navinsky, Winchester; Lindsey Scheck, Gorham; and William Meinhardt, Marysville. The champion showman in the junior division was Peyton Baalman of Quinter. Reserve was awarded to Aubree McCurry from Hutchinson. Finishing the top five, in placing order, were Josie Beltz, Canton; Colby Jones, Wamego; and Molly Hill, Baldwin.

Jenna DeRouchey of Wamego guided her 263 lb. dark crossbred barrow to the grand champion market hog title, which earned her $2,000. A 259 lb. dark crossbred owned by Brenden Anderson of Caney was reserve grand champion hog. Anderson’s entry garnered a $1,500 premium. The show was sponsored by Seaboard Foods. Third overall, worth $1,000, went to Hayden Englert of Washington, with his Yorkshire barrow. Tayte Leck of Neodesha owned the champion light AOB barrow that placed fourth overall and earned $750. Fifth overall, earning a $500 premium, was the reserve champion Yorkshire exhibited by Jack Gilliam of Washington. The reserve light AOB was shown by Marley Sutton of Uniontown. Hayden Englert, Washington, owned the champion Berkshire barrow. James DeRouchey, Wamego, exhibited the reserve. The champion Duroc barrow was shown by Kason Ramsey of Holcomb. The reserve was driven by Paxton Huseman, Ellsworth. In the Hampshire division, Brody Nemecek of Iola had the champion barrow. James DeRouchey, Wamego, exhibited the reserve. Dillon Knepp of Lincolnville showed the champion Spot barrow, with Kyanna Lankton, Le Roy, showing the reserve. From the dark AOB division, Cooper Wuthnow, Manchester, owned the champion. The reserve was exhibited by Drake Lowe, Winfield. Preston Landoll, Marysville, owned the champion light crossbred barrow. Brody Nemecek, Iola, owned the reserve.

An entry from the light AOB division, owned by Abi Lillard of Abilene, was named supreme champion in the gilt show, also sponsored by Seaboard Foods. Lillard received a $750 premium for the gilt. McKinley Sutton of Uniontown exhibited the reserve supreme, a commercial gilt worth $600. Third overall and earning $500 was the reserve commercial gilt owned by Chase Lillard of Abilene. In fourth was the Spot champion, which garnered $350 and was exhibited by James DeRouchey of Wamego. Brody Nemecek of Iola exhibited the fifth overall gilt, which was the reserve champion light AOB. The gilt earned a $250 premium. The reserve champion Spot was exhibited by Paige Fishburn of Lawrence. The champion Berkshire was shown by James DeRouchey of Wamego, with the reserve shown by Avery Eckhoff of Manhattan. Abi Lillard of Abilene drove the champion Duroc. The reserve was shown by Kelltyn Grasser of Little River. In the Hampshire division, Jenna DeRouchey of Wamego exhibited the champion gilt. The reserve champion was owned by Kierstyn Hartman of Holcomb. The champion Poland was driven by Kynli Crawford of Hugoton. Taylor Hoskinson of Hutchinson showed the reserve Poland gilt. Viola Fritts of Emporia showed the champion Yorkshire gilt. Kinsley Garrison of Overbrook exhibited the reserve. The champion dark AOB gilt was shown by Kristy Benne of Fort Scott. Lillyan Wilson of Maple Hill owned the reserve dark AOB.

Brooklynn Kerr from Dodge City was named champion in senior swine showmanship. The reserve champion was Kyanna Lankton of Le Roy. Completing the top five, in placing order, were Courtney Baetz, Downs; Lane Higbie, Quenemo; and Brody Nemecek, Iola. In the intermediate division, Calla Higbie from Quenemo was awarded the champion title. Reserve was Kyser Nemecek from Iola. Rounding out the top five, in order of finish, were Lily Anderson, Caney; Hayden Englert, Washington; and Gavin Smith, Ulysses. Marley Sutton from Uniontown was named champion in the junior division. The reserve champion was McKinley Sutton of Uniontown. Completing the top five, in placing order, were Anah Higbie, Quenemo; Gentry Ward, Paola; and Colyer Williams, Lyons.

Bryan Boggs of Buhler exhibited the grand champion market lamb, a 152 lb. entry from the blackface division that earned a $2,000 premium. The market lamb show was sponsored by Cargill. The reserve grand champion market lamb, a 138 lb. blackface, was shown by Tyra Meyer of Sylvan Grove. The lamb earned $1,000. Third overall, also from the blackface division, was owned by Jillian Keller of Piqua, and garnered $900. A blackface lamb exhibited by Lakyn Rookstool of Wamego was chosen as fourth overall and brought $600. Cody Coen of Elkhart exhibited the fifth overall market lamb, a Southdown earning $300. The reserve Southdown was owned by Jordan Sylvester, Wamego. Raine Garten from Abilene owned the champion Dorset lamb. Kole Harris of Hepler showed the reserve. In the Hair lamb division, the champion was owned by Jackson Pinckney, Gaylord. Lakyn Rookstool of Wamego showed the reserve. The champion Speckled lamb was exhibited by Carter Nash, Parsons. Emery Yoho, Yates Center, led the reserve.

The supreme registered breeding ewe, garnering a $500 premium, was the champion Southdown ewe, shown by Becca Paine from Hutchinson. The reserve supreme champion ewe was the champion Hampshire, led by Hannah Whetstone of Howard, who received a $300 premium. Third overall, worth $200, was the champion Dorset ewe owned by Emma Knappenberger from Olathe. The reserve champion Hampshire and fourth overall registered breeding ewe, earning $100, was shown by Brynn Boggs of Buhler. Maylee Reece from Lakin led the champion AOB, which finished fifth overall and received a $50 premium. Jordon Sylvester of Wamego exhibited the reserve champion Southdown. Emery Yoho, Yates Center, owned the reserve Dorset. Aidan Cunningham of Louisburg exhibited the reserve AOB ewe. The Shropshire champion registered breeding ewe was led by Brecken Nelson of Tribune. Jerilyn Nelson from Soldier showed the reserve Shropshire. In the Suffolk division, the champion registered ewe was led by Colten Abeldt, Herington. Reserve honors went to an entry from Addison Maxwell, Larned.

A ewe led by Clay Brillhart of Fort Scott took supreme champion honors in the commercial breeding ewe show. Brillhart’s ewe garnered a $500 premium. Owning the reserve supreme, worth $400, was Lakyn Rookstool of Wamego. The third overall commercial ewe, earning $300, was exhibited by Brynn Boggs of Buhler. A ewe led by Sadie Marchiano of Fort Scott claimed fourth overall and earned $200. Fifth overall was a commercial ewe exhibited by Clay Brillhart from Fort Scott, who received a $100 premium. Cargill sponsored both breeding ewe shows.

Haven Johnson from Assaria was awarded senior sheep showmanship honors, with Jillian Keller, Piqua, in reserve. Following the top two, in order of finish, were Becca Paine, Hutchinson; Clay Brillhart, Fort Scott; and Jerilyn Nelson, Soldier. Top showman in the intermediate division was Kynlee Dressler, Eudora. Emery Yoho, Yates Center, followed in reserve. Rounding out the top five, in order of finish, were Darla Fesmire, Bartlett; Brynn Boggs, Buhler; and Kodi McComb, Pratt. In junior showmanship, Carleigh Abeldt, Herington, was champion showman. Reserve honors went to Coyler Williams, Lyons. Following champion and reserve, in order of finish, were Daylyn Fesmire, Bartlett; Kadi McComb, Pratt; and Braden Gillespie, Colony.

Lakyn Rookstool of Wamego showed the 69 lb. grand champion market goat, which earned a $2,000 premium. The reserve champion market goat was a 107 lb. entry exhibited by Erin Johnson, Towanda. Johnson earned a $1,000 premium. The market goat show was sponsored by Cargill. The third overall market goat, worth $750, was led by Jaci Falkenstein, Oswego. Mason Rookstool of Wamego showed the fourth overall market goat, which earned $500. Placing fifth overall and earning $400 was another entry from Erin Johnson of Towanda.

Raine Garten of Abilene showed the supreme champion commercial doe kid, for which she earned a $750 premium. Kenna Cooley of Louisburg exhibited the reserve supreme champion doe, worth $500. Third overall went to an entry from London Hilton of Eureka, which was worth $400. Chosen for fourth was a commercial doe owned by Jaci Falkenstein of Oswego that earned $300. Fifth overall, worth $200, was a doe shown by Mason Rookstool of Wamego. Cargill also sponsored the commercial doe kid show.

In senior goat showmanship, champion showman went to Kara Riffel, Westmoreland, and Raine Garten of Abilene claimed reserve. Finishing out the top five, from third to fifth, were Shea Robertson, Elkhart; Jack Habjan, Linwood; and Brody Nemecek, Iola. Crayton Deters of St. George won the intermediate showmanship division, with Brynn Boggs of Buhler coming in second. Rounding out the top five, in order of finish, were Lakyn Rookstool, Wamego; Ashley Peters, Lehigh; and Kenna Cooley, Louisburg. In the junior showmanship division, Abigail Morales of Garden City took champion showman honors, with Jayton Bogdahn, Moline, earning reserve. Following grand and reserve, in order of finish, were Adley Oshea, St. George; Andrew Morales, Garden City; and Colten Abeldt, Herington.

KJLS presented $17,600 in scholarships to 11 exhibitors. Receiving a $2,500 scholarship was Lawson Collins of Chanute. Kara Riffel of Westmoreland was awarded a $2,000 scholarship. Students receiving $1,800 stipends were Rachel Sebesta of Wilson and Madison Vaught from McLouth. Three students received $1,500 scholarships, including Clay Brillhart, Fort Scott; Clay Pelton, Paradise; and Elizabeth Wright, Olsburg; Kylie Fox, Marquette; Abi Lillard, Abilene; Regan Stramel, Winona; and Baylee Wulfkuhle, Berryton, each received a $1,250 scholarship. Since the inception of the KJLS scholarship program in 1993, a total of 348 exhibitors have been awarded $490,500.

The LEAD Challenge allowed exhibitors to learn about current industry issues and apply that information in a competitive environment. All those entered in the challenge participated in the LEAD Listen & Learn, showmanship, skills stations and interviews. Exhibitors placing first through fifth in the senior division were Clay Brillhart, Fort Scott; Lane Higbie, Quenemo; Rachel Sebesta, Wilson; Noah Goss, Kanopolis; and Kara Riffel, Westmoreland. First through fifth in the intermediate division were, in order of finish, Calla Higbie, Quenemo; TJ Mills, Grenola; Addison Green Russell, Downs; Isabel Wright, Olsburg; and Whitley Frost, Esbon. In the junior division, first through fifth were Molly Hill, Baldwin; Katherine Bormann, Manhattan; Ruby Hill, Baldwin; Kealie Bryant, Garden City; and McKinley Sutton, Uniontown.

A team from Kansas State University won first place in the senior college competition at the Mid-America Classic Judging Contest, held in conjunction with KJLS. A team from Texas Tech University took second. Trace Mulligan with K-State was the top scoring senior college individual. He was followed by Skyler Scotten, also from K-State. Butler Community College won the sophomore division in the junior college contest, with Hutchinson Community College finishing second. High individuals in the junior college sophomore contest were Paige Miller with BCC in first and Kyler Vernon, also with BCC, in second. A team from BCC also won the freshman division, while a team from Redlands Community College placed second. Kasey Johnson from HCC outscored all other freshmen. The second place freshman was Brody Nemecek from BCC.

The Kansas Livestock Association and Kansas State University serve as major show sponsors. In addition to Cargill, Merck Animal Health and Seaboard Foods, other sponsors included Kansas Farm Bureau and Farm Bureau Financial Services, Friends of KJLS, the Kansas Department of Agriculture and American AgCredit. In addition to these groups, volunteers from across the state also help organize and put on the show.