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“Know the Rules, Know your Rights” federal lands seminar to be held

Delta County Livestock Association and Mesa County Cattlemen’s Association are hosting Federal Lands Seminars on April 24. Knowing the rules and knowing your rights will keep your permit, and that is why a Federal Lands Seminar is coming to the Western Slope. This seminar is designed to inform and equip federal lands permittees to have a better foundational knowledge pertaining to their rights.

Federal lands grazing regulations and rules have become some of the most complicated and misinterpreted laws that exist. Recently, there has been increased confusion poised by permittees to the Colorado Public Lands Council and Colorado Cattlemen’s Association, that are in need of explanation and clarification. These organizations then worked to create this equitable and vested seminar for public lands permittees to gain a better understanding of their rights.

Program Overview:

Attorney Cody Doig, with C.E. Brooks & Associates, P.C. — What are your rights as grazing permittees? He will also delve into the facts surrounding federal allotments.

CCA & PLC — An outlook for federal lands grazers under the new administration.

A bullpen question and answer session with all speakers.

Outline of the services offered by these organizations, including a federally recognized dispute process and monitoring programs; as well as the permittee-led assistance program that is in place for every grazing permittee holder in Colorado.

Mark your calendars for the Federal Lands Seminar to be hosted April 24 at 11 a.m. in Delta, Colo., at the Bill Heddles Recreation Center (includes lunch). If the evening works better for you, join us in Loma, Colo., from 5:30-7 p.m. at the Western Slope Cattlemen’s Livestock Auction, where dinner will be provided. These events are free of cost. Colorado Public Lands Council, Delta County Livestock Association, Mesa County Cattlemen’s and Colorado Cattlemen’s Association have set up an EventBrite page for RSVP’s or feel free to call the CCA office at (303) 431-6422.

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