Krebs Ranch 42nd Annual Bull Sale |

Krebs Ranch 42nd Annual Bull Sale

TFP Rep: Jake Stamant

Date of Sale: 02/17/0022

Location: Gordon, Neb.

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

The pens from early sale morning until sale time had people looking at the sale offering.


14 head of fall bulls $13,357.00

238 head of spring bulls $7,196.00

252 total bulls $7,539.00

Top Bulls:

Lot 17 KR Quality 1219 Sold for $42,00.00 to Thomas Ranch — South Dakota

Lot 1 KR Mojo 0914 Sold for $40,000.00 to Hutchings Cattle Co. — Nevada

Lot 27 KR Quality 1087 Sold for $30,000.00 to Wagonhammer & Bear Mountain — Nebraska

Lot 21 KR Mojo 1345 Sold for $23,000.00 to APS Angus — Kentucky

Lot 26 KR Splash 1227 Sold for $20,000.00 to Chad Wright — Kansas

Lot 32 KR Glide 1497 Sold for $17,500.00 to Gall Angus Farm — Illinois

Lot 38 KR Incredible 1226 Sold for $17,000.00 to Swanson Cattle Co. — Iowa

Lot 34 KR Splash 1008 Sold for $15,000.00 to Bergman Farms — Illinois

Lot 49 KR Storm 1382 Sold $15,000.00 to Cresent Creek Angus — Canada


Krebs Ranch 42nd Annual Bull Sale was certainly a great day. The day started off with great weather and a bull offering that was deep with quality from end to end.


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