Largent and Sons “Desert Mart Best Way” Sale |

Largent and Sons “Desert Mart Best Way” Sale

Many repeat buyers were in attendance for the sale.
Photo by Matt Wznick

TFP Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: Nov. 21, 2019

Location: At the Ranch near Kaycee, Wyo.

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins


• 83 Two-Year- Old Hereford Bulls Averaged $3,636

• 11 Fall Yearling Hereford Bulls Averaged $2,705

• 4 Hereford Bull Calves Averaged $4,500

• 99 Total Hereford Bulls Averaged $3,571

• 1 Registered Hereford Open Heifer Averaged $4,000

Top Two-Year-Old Bulls:

• Lot 2 at $9,000, L3 DESERT JERRY 835, DOB: 03/12/2018; TP OASIS JERRY ET 229 x L3 LOVELY VISION 038. He sold to Bauer Ranch Union Center, SD.

• Lot 7 at $7,750, L3 LORD BUSINESS 833; 03/10/2018 213; WLB LEGO 83T 90X x L3 FOXY LADY 691. He sold to John Beaty, Ignacio, CO.

• Lot 5 at $7,250, NL SIR MELIORA 862; DOB: 04/02/2018 219; LJS MARK DOMINO 0945 x L3 LADY STOCKINGS 318. He sold to Bauer Ranch, Union Center, SD.

• Lot 3 at $7,000, KL DESERT DOMINO 864; DOB: 04/02/2018; KB L1 DOMINO 623D 1ET x KL LADY XPERT 357. He sold to Danglemyer Bros., Muenster.

• Lot 4 at $6,500, L3 JUNIOR 829; DOB: 03/08/2018 219; 4T L3 JUNIOR 3024 x L3 406 LADY GENETIC 659. He sold to Bauer Ranch, Union Center, SD.

• Lot 6 at $6,500, L3 LORD BUSINESS 836; DOB: 03/14/2018: WLB LEGO 83T 90X x L3 347 QUEEN COMFORT 645. He sold to Sioux Ranch Wright, WY.

• Lot 38 at $6,000, TP 0945 MR 834; DOB: 03/15/2018 301; LJS MARK DOMINO 0945 x TP LADY 06 278. He sold to Tim Moore, Hulett,, WY.

Top Bull Calf:

• Lot 108 at $6,000, L3 DESERT TORO 967; DOB: 04/10/2019, OR TP DESERT PRIME x L3 QUEEN COMFORT 226. He sold to Rick Bull, Liverpool, IL.

Top Open Heifer:

• Lot 1 at $4,000, L3 DESERT CHICA 921; DOB: 03/03/2019; OR TP DESERT PRIME x L3 DESERT SWEET 704. She sold to Brad Stuart, Roby, TX.


Many repeat buyers and new customers filled the seats for the Annual Largent and Sons “Desert Mart Best Way” Bull Sale Nov. 21, 2019, held at the ranch near Kaycee, Wyo. Many buyers braved challenging weather for the opportunity to buy cattle from the reputation ranch and were served a great meal and given plenty of time to view the cattle. Congratulations to Mark, Cathy and family on a great sale!


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