Largent & Sons Herefords Desert Mart “Prime Event” Sale |

Largent & Sons Herefords Desert Mart “Prime Event” Sale

By Matt Wznick

TFP Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: 11/17/2020

Location: At the Ranch near Kaycee, Wyoming

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins


70 Two-Year-Old Bulls Averaged $4857

15 Fall Yearling Hereford Bulls Averaged $4150

9 Registered Hereford Open Heifer Calves Averaged $1933

Sale Highlights:

Two Year Old Bulls:

Lot 1 at $16,500, L3 DESERT TORO 996, DOB 4/17/19, OR TP DESERT PRIME x L3 LADY DURATION 240, Sold to C.V. Ledbetter & Sons Inc. , Okmulgee, OK

Lot 3 at $10,000, NL DESERT TORO 966, DOB 4/10/19, OR TP DESERT PRIME x L3 LADY STOCKINGS 318, Sold to Moore Ranch, Hulett, Wyoming

Lot 7 at $9500, L3 JUNIOR 934, DOB 3/29/19, 4T L3 JUNIOR 3024 x L3 LOVELY VISION 038, Sold to Ott Ranch, Reed Point, Montana

Lot 14 at $9500, TP DESERT PRIME 945, DOB 4/2/19, OR TP DESERT PRIME x TP LADY ACHIEVER 750, Sold to Reno & Sons Inc., Gillette, Wyoming

Top Fall Yearling Bull:

Lot 89 at $7750, L3 DESERT TORO 006, DOB 8/18/19, OR TP DESERT PRIME x L3 ANNIE OAKLEY 128 ET, Sold to Empire Ranches Inc. , Moorcroft, Wyoming

Top Heifer Calf:

Lot 102 at $2700, KL DESERT CHICA 016, DOB 3/1/20, OR TP DESERT PRIME x KL LADY RED 200Z 841, Sold to Zack Denning, Five J’s, Clayton, North Carolina


Mark and Cathy Largent along with family held their 39th Annual Desert Mart “Prime Event” Sale on 11/19/2020 offering a great selection of coming 2-year-old Bulls, fall yearling Bulls and fancy weaned Heifer Calves. The Largent family focuses on raising “real cattle that will work in the real world.” The cattle are raised on the wind-blown plains outside of Kaycee, Wyo., and are developed on a growth ration and long-stem hay. Congratulations on a great sale!