Lasting Legacy — Greeley Hat Works |

Lasting Legacy — Greeley Hat Works

Trent Johnson, the owner of Greeley Hat Works, applies steam to hat before molding it to fit a customer recently in Greeley. The business was started in Greeley during the early 1900s and now has 60 locations across the country.
Eliott Foust/ | The Greeley Tribune

As the Shining Parlor in 1909, Greeley Hat Works, 2613 8th Ave., operated only two locations. Though hats are still made by hand, the business has grown to operate 60 retailers across the country and 12 across the globe. Owner Trent Johnson says he combines quality with adaptability to keep Greeley Hat Works thriving.

What is in the future for your business?

We’ve put ourselves in a position to where lots of other companies in industries around the world have wanted to collaborate with us on designs and branding. We’ve been helping people figure out how to make hats relevant in their respective industries, so that will be coming up in our future.

What is the secret to your business’s longevity?

The two main things that have kept us around are quality and customer service. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been around. What matters is that we’ve listened and adapted to stay around.

How do you stay relevant as times change?

I like to think outside of the hat box. It has to look like a hat, fit like a hat, be worn like a hat, but I’ve taken influences from around the world to incorporate into the traditional cowboy hat.

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