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Leaving the house during a pandemic

I ventured out to Target last week to buy a few grocery items and the next day I read in the newspaper that several Target employees tested positive for COVID-19. That’ll teach me to go out and about. I have actually been very careful, up until the Target trip, my husband does most of the grocery shopping and I work out of my home so I don’t really need to go anywhere.

I did meet a friend for lunch, get my hair cut and made a few other important trips, but for the most part I’m home bound.

So, when I do go out I’m sure I look like a small child seeing a Christmas tree for the first time, all wide-eyed and teary.

I also went to the eye doctor and found out that the reason I have been working with my nose pressed against my computer screen to see is that I have cataracts. Of course, they aren’t ready to be operated on until a year or two, so I got a pair of computer glasses so that I can back away from the screen.

When the optometrist told me I had cataracts it was like he was telling me to eat more ice cream. Then when he looked at my fallen face, he realized that I was no OK with the diagnosis. Know it’s a common occurrence and that I won’t go blind because of it but I’m petrified about having someone fooling around with my eyes. Without them I can’t write or read, which is my livelihood.

So he slowed the train down and explained what cataracts are and what needs to be done to correct the damage.

Next week I have my annual doctor’s appointment, so keep your fingers crossed.

On the bright side, I still have a job and, despite the weight gain from eating everything that gets in my way, I am healthy. Let’s just hope my doctor agrees.

This flurry of doctor visits came about because I was nervous about going to doctor’s offices because of the pandemic. I figured the last place healthy people should be going to are doctor’s offices because there are sick people there. But I had to break down because my husband says I’m deaf, just because I have to turn the television way up in order to hear and because I don’t seem to hear what he’s saying to me.

On his second point, I always have to remind him about selective listening.

I hope all of you and your families are dodging the COVID-19 bullet.


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