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Lee Mielke: Monthly Dairy Prices 6-4-12

As I contemplated writing another “June Dairy Month” salute, I took a look at what I said a year ago. I talked about how June Dairy Month has been a great promotional event for the U.S. dairy industry for many years because it “calls our city slicker cousins back to their roots and back to the land where their food comes from.” It also provides a great promotional venue to retailers to spotlight and specially price milk, cheese and ice cream and let’s not forget the latest dairy ‘wonder of the world,’ Greek yogurt!

It is the dairy industry’s desire for consumers to enjoy and appreciate dairy products in this special month of recognition but consumers also need to be aware and reminded of the hard work, dedication, and animal and land stewardship, plus the tough economic times dairy farmers endure to provide that gallon of milk or block of cheese that grocery store shoppers never worry there’ll be a shortage of.

Like so many things in life, it’s easy to take it all for granted but it doesn’t just magically appear. I need some cheese for the pizza tonight or a gallon of ice cream for the birthday party this afternoon so I simply run to the store and get it because it’s always there, right? But, what if it wasn’t?

I occasionally receive comments from non-farm readers about the things I write about each week and how interesting and yet complex this industry is. That’s encouraging because the people who really know what’s behind that gallon of milk or that chunk of cheese will appreciate it a little more and will complain a little less when they may have to pay a little more for it.

Milk is said to be one of nature’s most perfect foods and we are blessed to have it and an industry that is so dedicated to providing it. Drink up Mr. and Ms. Consumer. It’s June Dairy Month!

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