Legal expense solutions launches service to farmers in $1.5B corn class action against Syngenta |

Legal expense solutions launches service to farmers in $1.5B corn class action against Syngenta

MINNEAPOLIS – Legal Expense Solutions is now advocating for farmers across the country to reduce fees paid to attorneys in the corn seed settlement. Law firms will be receiving hundreds of millions in fees on the Corn Seed Settlement that was reached with Syngenta. Legal Expense Solutions argues some of the fees may be excessive, unnecessary and unethical.

Tens of thousands of farmers have retained their own attorneys. Hundreds of thousands more are represented by a consortium of law firms in the class action. The settlement requires that no claimant will receive more money per acre/bushel than any other for at least one year. Individual attorneys have retained some farmers at fees of 40 percent or more of the farmer’s recovery. The attorneys presenting the class settlement to the court have posted their intent to request up to 33 1/3 percent of the settlement, plus expenses (possibly totaling over $500 million).

A federal judge has granted preliminary approval to a $1.51 billion settlement between the class and Syngenta. This settlement intends to resolve litigation that the seed company sold GMO corn seed to U.S. farmers prior to China’s approval of the seed. Lack of approval by China allegedly cost farmers billions in the price of U.S. grown corn.

Legal Expense Solutions will put the necessary time, energy and resources into each corn producer’s situation to minimize the legal fees paid, and to maximize the farmer’s ultimate recovery. Corn prices have already hurt farmers, LES will make certain its clients don’t overpay in getting the money they’re due.

To contact Legal Expense Solutions or to learn more information about the Corn Seed Settlement and its corresponding fees, contact Legal Expense Solutions at (800) 538-3775 or Adam Brunet at (612) 263-7166. Also, visit for more details.

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