Life’s lessons and good neighbors |

Life’s lessons and good neighbors

When I was so overwhelmed with grief there were so many things I had not even thought of. The first time I discovered my car was swerving to the right and checked, I discovered a soft tire. I drove 12 miles to the nearest station to put air in the tire and realized that I had never done that before. He was always there to do that for me.

When I had to re-license one of the pickups, it was easy enough to put the tag on the plate, but I had never done that before. He was always there to do that. Then, when I had to put new plates on the other pickup and the car, I wasn’t certain, because, he had always been there to do that. So many things that I had taken for granted and now I had to learn because he was always there.

The winter went okay because good friends and neighbors spent some time here cutting wood and left enough for me to keep the fireplace going through the winter.

When the very welcome spring moisture arrived, everything got away from me. Three of my grandchildren arrived from another state and worked very hard on the yard. They used equipment that I could not even start because he had always been here to do that for me.

He was always a good neighbor and helped whenever he was asked. Then our neighbors came to help me. I did not know how to use the bush hog because he was always there to do that. One neighbor brought his crew to work in exchange for borrowing the bush hog. Another neighbor came by to put the barn door back on the track when I had accidently shoved it too far. Another neighbor came by with his tractor and bush hog to mow my lane and all he wanted in return was a batch of peanut butter cookies.

In a way, I am learning, but the important message is to be a good neighbor. Good neighbors are worth more than gold.

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