Lighthizer accentuates negative in WTO ministerial comments |

Lighthizer accentuates negative in WTO ministerial comments

Robert Lighthizer

In an opening statement at the World Trade Organization ministerial conference Dec. 11 in Buenos Aires, Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer highlighted the Trump administration’s criticisms of the WTO.

Lighthizer said that, while the United States views the WTO as an important institution, “many are concerned that the WTO is losing its essential focus on negotiation and becoming a litigation-centered organization,”and that “we need to clarify our understanding of development within the WTO.”

He also said “it is impossible to negotiate new rules when many of the current ones are not being followed.”

Lighthizer is planning to leave the conference on today, a day before it ends, Politico reported.

Lighthizer’s speech and schedule have occurred amidst news coverage that President Donald Trump’s administration views the WTO with skepticism.