Lincoln County Sheriff’s Posse helps law enforcement from horseback |

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Posse helps law enforcement from horseback

To volunteer

To volunteer with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Posse, contact Bryan Solko at (308) 650-2984. For more information, go to

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Posse in North Platte, Neb., aren’t your standard public safety volunteers.

The organization, which has a few dozen members, works with the county sheriff’s office on cases from horseback. In more than 60 years of operation, the posse has helped on various cases, like finding a murder weapon in an interstate ditch, providing security, assisting in missing persons searches and more.

But it’s more than playing police from the back of a four-legged deputy. The organization’s mission, according to its website, is to “provide dedicated professional support to the Lincoln County Sheriff and Communities while supporting quality horsemanship.”

The group isn’t all about work, though. Sometimes, the riders participate in trail rides, fun events and potlucks.

For Deanna Allison, the posse’s first female member who has been with the group for more than a decade, volunteering with the group has been a fulfilling experience.

“We’ve been out on some pretty emotional calls and we come out as a group when the sheriff calls us,” she said. “It is pretty rewarding to be saked and know that we’re doing our little piece of the pie.”❖

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