Livestock raisers deserve support from Colorado |

Livestock raisers deserve support from Colorado

Looks like the Colorado governor has capitulated and proclaimed March 22, 2021, as “Colorado Livestock Proud Day.”

I think the governor should get his story straight once and for all.

In his “MeatOut Day” proclamation, the governor said, “Removing animal products from our diets reduces the risk of various ailments, including heart disease, high-blood pressure, stroke, various cancers, and diabetes and a plant-based diet helps protect the environment by reducing our carbon footprint, preserving forests, grasslands, and wildlife habitats, and reduces pollution of waterways,” the proclamation states. “Since MeatOut was launched in 1985, more than 35 million Americans have explored a plant-based diet and reduced their consumption of meat, dairy, and eggs; and major food manufactures and national franchises are marketing more vegan options in response to this growing demand … therefore, I, Jared Polis, Governor of the State of Colorado, do proclaim March 20, 2021 as MeatOut Day.”

Now in his “Colorado Livestock Proud Day,” Gov. Jared Polis says, “WHEREAS, farmers and ranchers raise livestock to provide nutritious, affordable protein for families across the state, and throughout the nation, and animal proteins supply the body with essential nutrients, including sources of zinc, vitamins B12 and D, and fatty acids; and

WHEREAS, livestock graze lands that are not suitable for the production of crops and are able to convert solar energy in plants into protein dense meat products; and

WHEREAS, agriculture producers take seriously the responsibility of protecting the land, water and air and we demonstrate this commitment through compliance with state and federal regulations; and

WHEREAS, livestock producers are devoted to the animals in their care and have an obligation to provide responsible animal care using sound animal husbandry practices, based on practical experience and scientific research; and

WHEREAS, agriculture serves as our state’s economic backbone, generating more than $40 billion in economic activity annually and supporting more than 170,000 jobs. Livestock production contributes over $4.6 billion to Colorado’s economy; and

WHEREAS, the livestock industry is an essential part of Colorado’s past, present and future and is the cornerstone of the foundation of our state;

THEREFORE I, Jared Polis Governor of the State of Colorado, do hereby proclaim March 22nd, 2021 as Colorado Livestock Proud Day in the State of Colorado.

I don’t care if the governor and his first gentlemen eat meat or not, but the governor has to educate himself about the livestock industry and make up his mind if he thinks meat is healthy or not and if it is good for the environment.

Livestock producers in Colorado deserve better than they have received from our governor, not to mention the legislature, which is poised to destroy the industry with their animal husbandry or PAUSE legislation.



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