Living the rodeo life |

Living the rodeo life

Some folks merely compete in rodeo. Megan and Chris Evans, along with their four children, live rodeo. And what a full life it is.

The Yuma, Colo., family have good reason to be enamored of their lifestyle. Ranching and farming go as far back as his grandparents, who were deeply rooted in their land, said 45-year-old Chris.

He was born in Missouri, went to work on Kansas and Texas feedlots, moved to Yuma in 2006 for another feedlot job, and now manages a 500-cow/calf operation for Roger and Diana Hickert.

There’s a lot of saddle time involved in that riding-intense resume. So when the Evans’ kiddos came along, it was only natural that they, too, learned to see the world from atop a horse.

Branding time at the Hickert ranch takes lots of Evans family members’ hands and skills. Photo by Megan Evans

Megan didn’t grow up on a working ranch but did learn to ride as a teen. She married into the lifestyle and now enjoys doing team and breakaway roping. Megan admits to diligently dividing her precious time between the outdoors and indoors.

“Somebody has to do the cooking, cleaning, and homeschooling,” she said. “That’s me. But I’m also often pulled away in many directions to help out on the ranch, help kids practice (riding skills), and get everybody on the road to rodeos.”

Before anybody worries she’s overworked, she earnestly added, “And I enjoy it all.”


The Evans kids are truly devoted to the arena. Oldest son Coy, 16, swung open the gate first and has led the way for his siblings to Colorado Junior Rodeo Association events; Little Britches; Junior High and High School rodeo competitions.

Just a few of his accomplishments include in 2019 Coy won Team Roping and Tie-Down Roping at Colorado Junior High Nationals, placing fourth overall. He was the 2020 Junior High Calf Roping Champion, followed by Team Roping Champion at American Hats “Vegas Toughest” for contestants under age 18.

Twins Cash and Cassidy Evans each receive a National Junior Finals award. Photo by Megan Evans

Coy eagerly anticipates meriting a college degree in animal sciences, then pursuing a ranching career.

Closely following in their big brother’s hoof prints are his 15-year-old twin siblings, Cassidy and Cash. They are currently raking in rodeo awards that include:

Cassidy — 2018 Colorado Junior High Rodeo Assn. Pole Bending Champion; Reserve Champion in Barrel Racing; Team Roping-qualified for Nationals. 2019 Junior World (Las Vegas) Pole Bending Champion. Won 2020 All-Around Cowgirl at Little Britches Finals in Guthrie, Okla. She was the 2021 All-Around Cowgirl Champion of the Jr. High Nationals.

Cash — Qualified for the 2018 Nationals in Team Roping and Breakaway Roping. Was 2019 Reserve Champion in Team Roping and Reserve Champion in Saddle Bronc Steer Riding at Colorado Junior High Rodeo. 2020 Reserve Champion All-Around in Saddle Bronc Steer Riding. 2021 Champion in Tie-Down Roping, Saddle Bronc Steer Riding Champion, and All-Around Champion at Colorado Junior High State Finals.

Cash Evans in the box, getting ready for action. Photo by Trinity Burke, Trinxblue Photography

Cross — The 8-year-old began seriously rodeoing last year. Cross recently (July 29-Aug. 1) completed CJRA Finals in Lamar, Colo., where he was Barrel & Pole Champion for ages 5-8 and All-Around Champion in the same age division.

Chris Evans gives a solid amount of credit for all this winning to the family’s eight Quarter Horses and a few more owned by the Hickerts.

All four Evans kids, Coy, Cash, Cassidy and Cross, combine skills in the branding pen. Photo by Megan Evans

Among the well-appreciated herd is the Evans’ go-to barrel horse, 11-year-old Hot Shot, who does quadruple duty through additional talent in pole bending and feedlot work. By age 4, the flea bitten grey gelding was competing in poles at Little Britches events, as well as (calf and team) roping.

Red roan Pepsi, age 10, is the Evans’ No. 1 mount for calf roping. Chris dubs Capitain, another 10-year-old red roan, “our Head Horse overall.”


Most all of the Evans world is rodeo… but not everything. Cassidy also loves to read and listen to country/western music. She enjoys starting and training young horses on barrels and plans to become a vet.

Cassidy on her head horse, Capitain, intently focuses in a rodeo event. Photo by Trinity Burke, Trinxblue Photography

The busy teen just got a 5-month-old miniature Australian Shepherd. The tiny pup’s rough and tumble name, “Skid Boot,” should fit well when Cassidy soon begins educating her to work cattle.

Cassidy philosophically remarked about her intense schedule, “The road can be long and tough but if you keep a positive mindset and a good attitude, you will make it.”

Equally successful Cash intends to major in animal sciences in college and continue rodeoing with the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.

And then there’s that big ranch to run. Chris said that he sometimes competes in team and calf roping events. The majority of his time, however, is spent roping, branding, doing feedlot work, cow-calf maintenance and horse training as manager of Hickert Land Company.

He sincerely offers his special thanks to Roger and Diana Hickert for their ongoing support in the Evans family’s rodeo endeavors.

Declared Chris Evans, “The rodeo life, which is based on America’s principles, morals and values, has been very rewarding for my family.”

Through hard work and dedication, rewards will keep coming for the Evans family; which proves the truth of that old adage: “(Rodeo) life goes on.”


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