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Lobbyist: Tax bill fixes go through Ways and Means Committee chairman

Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas
The Hagstrom Report |

As the House Ways and Means Committee began marking up the tax bill on Nov. 6, a lobbyist told The Hagstrom Report that any changes to the bill are expected to go through amendments offered by Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady, R-Texas.

The markup, which began at noon in Room 1100 of the Longworth House Office Building, is expected to last most of the week, but end by Thursday since Friday is Veterans Day, a federal holiday.

Farm lobbyists are concerned about provisions in the bill that would require paying self-employment taxes on land rents and on Conservation Reserve Program payments, and about elimination of Section 199, also known as the Domestic Production Activities Deduction (DPAD), which applies to proceeds from agricultural products that are manufactured, produced, grown, or extracted by farmer cooperatives, or that are marketed through co-ops.

The great majority of cooperatives pass the benefit through directly to their farmer members.

But a lobbyist said that Republican members of the committee are not expected to offer amendments, although Democrats are expected to offer them.

The Senate Finance Committee is expected to release its version of the bill later this week.

Another lobbyist also said that farm leaders are focused on the Senate, hoping that the Senate tax bill does not contain some items, particularly the Section 199 elimination that farmers consider onerous.


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