Lunch with John Elway |

Lunch with John Elway

By Georgeann Wearin

Hyannis, Neb.

I have been fortunate to be able to meet many famous people through my job as an entertainer and through my various travels. It is always fun to see a star and maybe get to chat or even get an autograph. I always try to take my kids with me when I can, but lately it seems like when I meet someone big, they are never with me.

This was the case when I performed at Cheyenne Frontier Days and Reba McIntyre was in the audience.

She was very gracious and kind to me and we got to visit with her and her husband after the show and posed for pictures. I knew no one would believe me so we anxiously waited for the photos and when they arrived in the mail my children groaned.

“You weren’t kidding!” they wailed. “You really did meet her!”

“Yes,” I replied glibly. “It’s really no big deal.”

“Too bad your eyes are shut in the picture, Mom,” said the youngest who always has a way of keeping me humble!

My children have been with me when we have met other country and western stars, famous rodeo cowboys and such, but the latest episode was one they really hated to miss.

My husband and I were having lunch with friends at the Denver Stock Show. My friend looked at the table next to us and whispered, “Isn’t that John Elway?” We all turned and looked at the same time and a discussion ensued on whether or not it was really he. We finally decided that it really was THE John Elway and got really excited. We are all avid Denver Broncos fans and this was a big deal to a bunch of Nebrakans away from home for the weekend!

My girlfriend jabbed her husband in the ribs and said, “Go over and talk to him!” To which he replied, “Let’s just leave him alone.”

“He’s better looking in person,” I added.

“Just let the man eat,” grunted my husband.

My friend decided that she just had to go and talk to him. I told her to tell him that I would consider doing my cowboy poetry and songs at any functions he had going on if he was interested. She ignored me and took off!

We all watched while she sauntered up to his table and started the conversation. I admired her guts while the guys shook their heads and admired their lunch. She played with her hair and giggled and flashed her gorgeous smile at John all the while I was frantically trying to get her attention.

“Get an autograph for me,” I yelled. “Tell him my son is a huge fan … invite him to the ranch!” All to no avail. She didn’t even look our way. She finally left the poor man alone after he autographed a paper placemat for her.

She triumphantly marched back to our table holding her autograph like a torch.

“Why didn’t you get one for me?” I asked.

“Well, I didn’t want to bother him.” She replied.

We spent the rest of lunch commenting on how fit he looked, how handsome he was and how rich he must be. Our husbands were not amused and one of their observations was that he was much smaller in person. We ignored them and told everyone we saw that we “had lunch” with John Elway.

The kids groaned when we called and told them about it. They said that we were never going anywhere again without them.

I had forgotten about the whole incident until last week when my son and I were listening to a pop star on the radio. “I know you will think this is weird,” I said. “But I have always liked Michael Jackson.”

To which my son replied, “Yea Mom, maybe you could call up Reba McIntyre, John Elway and Michael Jackson and we could all have lunch at Red’s!”

He’s always been a smart aleck, that one. Besides, I think they would love the burgers at Red’s!


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