Mad Jack: Guns are too important too democracy to allow politicians to take them away |

Mad Jack: Guns are too important too democracy to allow politicians to take them away

“Oh say can you see?”

Yes, gentle readers, I can see — sometimes a lot more than I want at times. There were those times in years past that it didn’t matter if I saw so much of what was going on in the greatest nation on the face of the earth. Today is so different.

Our coffee shop conversations always include politics of some nature or the other. I wish it weren’t so. I wish that I felt as if I could not have a troubled heart when it comes to the future of our nation. There have been so many, many folks that have given life and limb to keep America strong and solvent and for what? We have spent so much blood and treasure to make all Americans at least feel safe in their comings and goings of their daily lives. Of course I’m not talking about Chicago or Detroit or New Orleans or areas of Dallas, Denver, you name it where there are problems with gang violence. One side of the aisle says, “Let’s just take away all of the guns except maybe a single shot rifle or shotgun.” Then we would solve the gun problem. I say guns are not the problem.

It’s people that are the problem. It’s people that don’t respect authority. It’s people that want something for nothing at our expense. How was our independence won? It wasn’t won with broom handles, rakes and single trees. Our freedom was won with muskets and cannons and the determination that if freedom couldn’t be won then our lives as individuals didn’t have a lot of meaning. Folks were danged good and tired of bowing down to the king at his pleasure.

For those politicians that want my guns and the guns of all law abiding citizens I say this: Give up your guns.

Give up the guns of those body guards that protect you and your families. If I can’t have guns suitable enough to protect me, then you should not be so blessed as to have what I can’t have. You work for me, don’t you get it? Of course you don’t.

After all, most likely, you have been in government way, way too long and you may have never, ever lived as the rest of us live our lives day in and day out. You are smarter than most of us, right? You know for a fact how we should live our daily lives. You know what we should be eating, what type of transportation we should have, how much water should be available to us and what kind of health care we should have at our disposal. Well, maybe until we reach a certain age and then who cares?

Who cares if a veteran’s hospital is costing more than twice what was said it would cost to build and what if it’s a couple of years behind in getting it done? Who cares if our veterans are dying because they are put on waiting list that are longer than their life span?

The King of England wouldn’t have cared. Here we are celebrating our independence from the king. WHOOPEE!! I say we have a future by putting folks in government that think and act like us. Folks that are not there with one goal in mind and that’s to get reelected term after term and it doesn’t matter who suffers in the middle of all this.

We need heroes. We need men and women with guts, grit and the determination to stomp all over political correctness if it gets in the way.

Well, enough said, except I want to give one example of smart politicians. A feller buys a can of bug spray and ask the clerk “Is this stuff good for spiders?” The clerk (politician) says, “Naw, it’ll kill’um!”

Now enough said, except I did pick up a Bushmaster 223 this week. You gun folks know what I’m sayin’! Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, thank a veteran for their service, fly Old Glory at every opportunity, and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all! ❖

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