Mad Jack Hanks: From seasons to hay prices, nothing stays the same for long |

Mad Jack Hanks: From seasons to hay prices, nothing stays the same for long

Yep, I’m purty darn sure a change is in the wind my friends. How do I know? I know because change is constant. It’s very hot on this Saturday, the last one in July that I put this column on paper. It’s been really hot for many, many days.

It’s supposed to be hot in July and August but it doesn’t have to be this hot for this long, does it? Well apparently, it does this year. I said you would not catch me complaining about warm weather this summer.

That’s what I said and my intentions were honorable, but you know how we are! The spring was wet, cold, windy and it didn’t look as if summer would ever arrive when we knew surely it would. It did and I apologize for whining. Actually, I have had an abundance of grass, the creek had water in it for the longest time and the cattle have done really well. I hope the grass will hold out until fall.

There has been rain all around me in every direction but some of those storms have dropped baseball sized hail and I don’t want me none of that. I can do without the rain I suppose as, of course, it will rain when it rains and I will be overjoyed when it does.

Speaking of change….hay prices have dropped considerably as well as cattle prices and the price we pay for fuel for our vehicles and to heat our homes.

I reckon the drop in fuel prices helps everyone but hasn’t done much for the oil checks that my kids and I receive. No matter, like the rain, the price of a barrel of oil should come back up when this heavy inventory of oil we have in reserve depletes some.

And who knows, it may have rained by then.

I watched the elephant’s convention and only a small part of the donkey’s convention. I really didn’t really expect to be overly excited about either and haven’t suffered a heart attack as a result of my viewing. I was surprised to see the donkeys act, in some cases, and throw out phrases and words that the elephants use all the time.

One way or the other, I was not fooled by either party and am encouraged that the average American like you and me seem to have come together and let the politicians know that we are indeed tired of all of the b.s. that we have quietly put up with for so many years. I’m am sure there are is a large portion of politicians from both sides of the aisle that just still don’t get it. I think the reason they don’t is because they mostly live on another planet than you and I. So much for all that babble.

I ran over a large rattler on my way home last night and he was very near one of my neighbors corrals where he raises Quarter horses.

He has some babies running in the pasture with their proud moms, and I would hate to see one of those curious little ones get tagged on the nose. I think I lessoned the chance of that happening, in my mind anyway.

As a side bar my 2017 Hoots calendars have arrived early and they will be the same price as last year. I may run some advertisements closer to the end of the year, but for now, the calendars are ten bucks for the first one and eight for any additional ones. I will sign them and pay the postage.

Send your gold bullion, or a check to

Jack Hanks,

P.O. Box 825

Wellington, Colorado 80549

and I’ll get ya fixed up. Until then Red Ryder, keep Little Beaver close by, check yer cinch on occasion, remember we live in the GREATEST country on the face of the earth.

I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

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