Mad Jack Hanks: Good moms give proper love and attention to their calves |

Mad Jack Hanks: Good moms give proper love and attention to their calves

Gentle readers, I have made a good many horseback observations over the years. One thing that I have opined in this process is that a good momma cow is like a cool drink of windmill water from a tomato can on a hot west Texas afternoon.

I reckon bovines are like us humans. Some are a little better than average and put forth a little more effort than most. A good momma cow has her baby licked off and on his (her) feet as soon as possible right after birth. She shelters him from the cold and allows him to run and buck and play and have some fun under her watchful eye.

You have seen that momma cow with a dozen or so calves bedded down around her as she “baby sits” all the babies while her sisters go to the salt block or to water. I would bet ya that she volunteers to be the babysitter simply because that is just who she is.

She is like a lot of women who volunteer to help out at their children’s school or in their Sunday school class or who takes her children down to the homeless shelter to help prepare and feed the down and out.

“I would bet ya that she volunteers to be the babysitter simply because that is just who she is.”

Now some first calf heifers can find themselves under a little stress when that first baby is born, especially if they have an assisted birth. They are just not sure what happened. “What’s this? Why, does this baby belong to me?” Some will just jump right in and take care of that calf, and some may just walk away and say, “I didn’t ask for this. I’m just too young and pretty and busy to be a momma right now.”

Isn’t that the way we see some folks act these days? Not only the young girls, but the baby’s daddy might just revolt and not want any part of the responsibility of having a child.

I love little kids. There was a young mother at the dance hall a couple of weeks back who let her toddler onto the dance floor before it was too crowded. That darling little girl watched the grownups dance and did her best to mimic them. And let me tell ya, this baby had rhythm and for a tiny toddler, she could cut a rug. I was amazed and highly entertained just watching her. She had a good momma.

I always tried to cull any cow in the bunch that was not attentive to her calves. There are just some cows, like some women, that shouldn’t have babies.

They just don’t seem to appreciate the value of being a mom. I know you moms have your hands full these days trying to make ends meet, take care of all your family’s needs and be a lover and a soft place for your children to land when the need arrives.

Of course I didn’t intend for you ladies to be compared to a cow. I trust you were not offended and will continue to do your best in all situations. God love ya!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, take time to be considerate and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

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