Mad Jack Hanks: Looking at the things in life that bring peace…and those that don’t |

Mad Jack Hanks: Looking at the things in life that bring peace…and those that don’t

“He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: He leadeth me beside still waters.” You are familiar with that Bible verse aren’t you, gentle readers?

It’s the 23rd Psalm written by David. It appears that ol’ David needed some time to reflect, as most of us do. He had been a hero, a murderer and a number of other things, which I won’t go into at present. It appears to this old cowboy — which, by the way, will be celebrating his 76th birthday when you read this — that we all need time and a place to reflect, collect our thoughts and restart our engines.

Each time I look at the Rockies, with their snow covered peaks and that beautiful blue Colorado sky, I find myself thinking of Psalm 23. I think there are more and more folks wanting to move away from the hustle and bustle of the city and find “still waters.”

We are in such unpredictable times that it can be very stressful.

For example, I went to get my teeth cleaned only to find a new hygienist, which was okay — she was pleasant and did a decent job.

She had the doc come in to check my teeth when she finished. He was also new. First day on the job at this office. He was big, unshaven, loud and didn’t seem to have a lot of confidence.

He took that little pick they check teeth with and managed to stick it into my lower lip on the outside. It bled.

This guy was shakin’ like Barney Fife on Mayberry. I reached up and softly grasped his wrist and offered, “Doc, ya need to relax a little bit, I ain’t gonna’ get mad at ya, but yer shakin’ pretty bad and makin’ me awful nervous.”

He replied, “am I shaking?” He then quickly said I looked fine and dismissed me to the payout desk.

What a deal.

Not only did I need to find some “still waters,” I’m sure he did also.

I won’t be going back there after three years and five different dentists.

There are those that move to the country to find green pastures and still waters and when they don’t appear when wanted, they begin to criticize.

For example, some of the latest coffee shop talk from my ‘farmer buddies” is that some woman is going around putting notes in their respective mail boxes that threaten if they don’t build more shelters and remove the mud from their feedlot pens, she will get her friends and they will take action.

How about that?

Go back to where you came from lady. You have no business here, and you certainly will contribute nothing to “still waters and green pastures”.

I read Psalm 23 to “Little Miss Martha” as she lay dying. I think for sure it brought her some comfort. I reckon that will do it for this column.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and remember to keep your peace of mind, but please don’t feel obligated to give your neighbor a “piece of your mind.” He most likely doesn’t care what you think.

I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

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