Mad Jack Hanks: Planning for the future by instilling values in kids |

Mad Jack Hanks: Planning for the future by instilling values in kids

Our hope for tomorrow, gentle readers, is of course our youth. I sometimes wonder where we are on a scale of one to 10 how we are doing in preparing our youngsters for the future.

They, after all, will be calling the shots and will be living in a pleasing environment that suits the majority — or they will be stumbling, cheating one another, unhappy and dissatisfied with life in general.

Let me explain my cautious attitude about SOME of our young folks. At present, some college-aged kids, when interviewed cannot tell you who the vice President is or who the current Secretary of State is or when the War of 1812 was fought.

They know the most popular rock star or whomever is at the top of the food chain in their young lives when it comes to someone to look up to.

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I watched a video clip of some pee-wee football players lined up to defend their goal and they were dancing and hopping around with all sort of gyrations in order to please themselves and the crowd.


Why, they had seen the BIG BOYS, you know, the professional football players do their end zone dances and self-indulging antics when they had made a play they most likely were paid millions of dollars to do.

As the little pee-wee players were dancing and entertaining themselves, mostly, the other team ran around their end and scored a touchdown. Go figure.

The Carolina Panthers football team started giving footballs away to kids in the crowd whenever they scored a touchdown. The quarterback started this action and it spread to the other players and it was really fun to watch some little boy or girl receive a “real” football from a professional player.

Yesterday as I watched one of their playoff games, the little kids had gathered in one spot just beyond the goal post, backed up by their dads in hopes of getting a football. After one touchdown, there were so many little hands reaching for the football, the player had to push some of them out of the way so he could give it to the little one he wanted to have it.

Boy, you talk about some upset kids pushing and shoving and trying to take the ball away, it was sad for me to watch.

One kid started screaming and pulling on his dad’s coat because he didn’t get the ball. See where I’m headed with all of this?

Methinks we live in a disposable society. Too many of us believe it when the lady on the TV or radio says we deserve a certain house, car, job, type of clothes or furniture we must obtain it.


Well, by golly we deserve it.

I love to see kids involved in FFA, 4-H or any program that gives them a taste of how the world works. Somehow, we must see that our youth — all of our youth — have some degree of a reasonable work ethic.

I don’t suppose the job matters so much as their desire to be there and to the very best that they can without complaint or sluffing off while there.

I am just a little on the irritated side today as I see my phone company has jacked up my rate considerably and the tax man bumped my property tax up some 44%.

I know as a senior “geezer”, I didn’t deserve all that….or did I?

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, mom and dads, teach your children the value of hard work and responsibility,…that’s your job. I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

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