Mad Jack Hanks: Sending a letter to heaven to a lost loved one |

Mad Jack Hanks: Sending a letter to heaven to a lost loved one

A letter to heaven addressed to Martha Ann Jones Hanks, aka, “Little Miss Martha.”

Wow, Martha it’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 14 years since the cancer took you away. Then again, sometimes it seems like only a few months ago. I have so many questions for you and I bet I already know the answer to most of them. How are you? Is heaven as beautiful as we have been told and are the streets really paved with gold and do you live in a mansion? If you do, does it have to be cleaned and if so, who cleans it? Have you had the pleasure to meet with Jesus? How are our parents doing? I bet it was a thrill to see your little brother who passed before you were born.

We all really miss you and treasure all the memories you left here with us. I have so much to tell you but first…is it true that folks in heaven can observe what goes on down here on earth?

If so, then you already know what I’m about to tell you, but since I can’t be sure I will bring you up to date on most of it.

Yes, it took some time to go through the grieving process and there are still times when tears will fill my eyes when I remember how hard it was on you those last few weeks. That being said, I am finer than frog’s hair. We are all doing well and the grandkids you were so worried about, all are almost grown to adulthood. The oldest got married about this time last year and who knows, I could wind up being a great grandpa one of these days. That’s exciting!

Of course they are all so handsome and beautiful and I love them so much. Kailee is helping me out here at the ONO this summer a couple of days a week. That little rascal can buck bales with the best of’um.

We buried you in a little cemetery very close to where I go dancing every week. Yep, you know how I always loved to dance.

Nope, I haven’t gotten married. I have had a couple of almost serious relationships in years past but they just couldn’t hold a candle to you, and so why would I want to maybe make a serious mistake at this time in my life? I am just having lots of fun.

Would you believe I have been riding motorcycles for the past few years? I have a big ole Harley that I love to ride. In fact I plan on riding it tonight to go dancing. I want you to know that every time I pass the cemetery I look toward your grave and I can remember that cold snowy January day when we put you down. How sad.

Our place is really pretty, as the trees have grown so tall and I have some lovely flower beds I enjoy working in.

I painted the house yellow like you always wanted, but it might be a little too yellow for you. Every summer there is a big yellow butterfly that comes around it seems when I am in the back yard or on the deck. I pretend that it is you or you sent it to remind me of you. I always say “Hey, good morning Martha, lookin’ good!”

I have been going swimming for the past several years and have a couple of really nice ponies that I ride and sometimes the kids or friends will ride with me.

My checkups at the docs are always good and for an old guy, I’m pert near spunky, I guess you might say.

As a sidebar, I know heaven is a wonderful place and as much as I would love to see all of you and leave this old beat up cowboy body behind, I really am not wanting to get there any time soon. I am enjoying my life and having lots of fun. Please tell my folks, your folks, Jerry, J.L., Tom and all of our friends that have passed that I miss them also and we’ll meet again.

May God continue to bless not only you, sweet Martha, but me and the kids and grandkids as well. Love you and here’s a big ole’ hug….mmmmmm!!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, take time to share a hug with those you love and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

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