Mad Jack Hanks: Tales from the O-NO Ranch 1-3-11 |

Mad Jack Hanks: Tales from the O-NO Ranch 1-3-11

Well, gentle readers, I reckon it’s time for us to hitch up our britches and take on a new year with the gusto to perform that Tim Tebow does when he has the football in his hands.

I have to admit that as I age, the gusto comes in smaller portions. However, I was out on the Harley just yesterday and it was a mite cool but it made this old man feel like he was 30 something again. A couple of days before when it was just flat cold, I got out the colt and my fat paint hoss and rode each of them for a bit to keep them “legged up.” That really did make me feel like I was still worth my salt. I’m not real sure what salt is worth these days, but I felt worthy.

Not much should change for me this new year, but how would I know? The scuttlebut down our county road is that an oil company is going to punch a hole in the ground just across the road from the O-NO Ranch. That could be interesting. I have 100 percent of the mineral rights on my place so we will have to see how this exploration goes and what might be the outcome for me. Get’er done, boys, get’er done! Get that ol’ well drilled and let’s see what’s down there under this ol’ prairie grass. I’m a little excited of course, but I get excited easily sometimes.

My main concern is to stay motivated about my swimming, staying busy with things that will show hopefully good results. I have noticed over the years that these old guys that stay busy gettin’ it done around the farm or ranch or whatever it is one might have to do that really interest them, just seem to stay fairly happy and healthy. Of course the same goes for women that have hobbies, play golf or still mess with horses or whatever. I think that when some folks retire they are just so exhausted and bored from going to the same ol’ job day in and day out, year in and year out, that they just want to sit. Sitting is easy to do unless of course, you happen to have livestock to care for or crops to plant and harvest or maybe your mother-in-law breathing down yer neck! I’m only kidding, you know that. You don’t have time to sit for very long and that’s a good thing. You have to get up and “get ‘er done!”

I really enjoy drawing my cartoons, writing this column and of course, my beautiful grandchildren. Life is good for ol’ Mad Jack at this point and time and I feel really blessed. I hope at some point in this new year you can stop long enough to count your blessings and be able to say, “I did it, I got ‘er done!”

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.

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