Mad Jack Hanks: Tales from the O-NO Ranch 10-31-11 |

Mad Jack Hanks: Tales from the O-NO Ranch 10-31-11

Most of you gentle readers will receive this publication on Monday which will be Halloween. Yep, those ghost and goblins and yes, Zombies will be on the prowl. Actually, I saw a couple of zombies just the other morning at the T Bar Inn of all places. It ain’t all that uncommon to see zombies around you each and every day if you just observe them the same as I do.

This young, I think married couple, came in and sat down at a table across from me and the reprobates that I consort with over coffee. This young couple ordered their breakfast, pulled out their iPhones or Blackberrys, or whatever it was they had at their disposal and with two thumbs up and eyes focused on that little contraption they began their ritual. They, in my humble and often misguided opinion were modern day zombies. They never spoke another word to each other nor did they even look up and make eye contact until their breakfast arrived. Then it seemed to almost pain them to put up the little black boxes and focus on their meal and each other.

I truly believe that all of this modern high tech flood of easy information has helped and certainly hurt us all. For example: it’s obvious that young people today cannot count back the correct change without a machine to tell them how much to return to the customer when something is being purchased. I see it every day. Calculators instead of pencils solved their math problems. Any student at most any grade level can get on a computer and look up any subject matter just by typing in primary words. Crack a book? Are you kiddin’ me? It’s all been laid out for us on these computers and I wouldn’t have it any other way I suppose. It’s just that it’s robbing us of the ability to use our brains more. I think our brains are gonna’ shrink and someday everybody will have little bitty heads instead of the big heads space aliens are supposed to have.

Anywhere at any time you will see one of those zombies locked in on that iPhone or whatever checking email or texting another zombie and that other zombie may be just across the table or in the next room. With two thumbs up and moving rapidly in all directions is what we have come to in this modern age. It pains me to think of some “waddie” at cow camp laying up on his bunk texting his girlfriend when he should be out among those four legged girls. He should be checkin’ them.

Well, it is what it is and I reckon my objections to some of this behavior will not change anyone’s actions one way or another. Please don’t text while driving or even use that cell phone unless you pull off the road. Who knows, you might be the very one that runs over me when I least expect it.

Happy Halloween to y’all, all y’all. Be sure and check that cinch on occasion and stay tuned.

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