Mad Jack Hanks: Tales from the O-NO Ranch 11-28-11 |

Mad Jack Hanks: Tales from the O-NO Ranch 11-28-11

My daughter, Sunni, recently brought me a newspaper clipping from the school where my grandson attended and my granddaughter still attends.

It was somewhat short of astounding, yet, very exciting and encouraging to me. Dan Schaffer, Liberty Commons High School principal, who was also our districts Senator or representative in congress some time back, is the author of the article. Mr. Schaffer took two young women captains from LCHS to a leadership seminar in Denver, Colo. The two young women were Megan Davis and Gabrielle Bear. Get this, gentle readers, the seminar was focused on teaching young leaders to consider using COWBOY ETHICS in preparing themselves and their peers towards their future lives.

The seminar was sponsored by the Daniel’s Fund and The Center for Cowboy Ethics. “The Code of the West,” was basically the subject matter. I found it interesting that a high school would fall back on “plain ol’ common sense” as a set of values instead of the rule of the day, political correctness! I was more than happy to see organizations like the ones mentioned above that would reach out to young folks and teach them such basic life skills as “cowboy ethics.”

Cowboys, real honest to goodness, get up every day and swing a leg over a horse and use a saddle for their work bench, cowboys, are looked upon by most of us as sincere, decent, hard working, tell it like it is, type of men and women that most aspire to be. Cowboys that fall into this category, in my opinion, present ideas, and values that this country could aspire to in large measure. We seem to have just flat out lost our way when it comes to dealing with what’s really going on in this country and what it will take to make it right again. “Cowboy Ethics and the Code of the West” would certainly go a long way in getting us back on track again.

The two young girls mentions above will present cowboy ethics to their fellow students and their peers in an effort to shed light on an old reliable way of thinking and acting. My cowboy hat is off to you Mr. Schaffer and to you young women who are making a bold leap into clouded environment.

And as a side bard, telling the truth is a big component in “cowboy ethics.” There is a farmer out there and you know who you are, that called me months ago and was very gracious with your comments about me and this column. You requested that if I had time to meet with you and just chew the fat, that that would mean a great deal to you. I promised that I would make the time to do that. I wrote down your name and phone number and said I would call after harvest and try to get together. I misplaced my notes and mistakenly tossed them in the trash along with some things I didn’t need. I’m sorry I was so careless. Just give me another call and I will do my best to grab a cup of coffee and shoot the bull with you.

I hope that all went well with all y’all this past Thanksgiving. At this writing It’s a few days before Thanksgiving and I have to go buy a BUNCH of groceries as all the family, kids and grandkids will be at Grandpa’s. What’s for dinner, grandpa?

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I will c. y’all, all y’all!

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Mad Jack Hanks

The real deal


The real deal was El Rusbo, Rush Limbaugh, Paul Harvey and The Duke. Yep, real men, the real deal. They are all gone now as Rush passed today. Made for a sad day for me…

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