Mad Jack Hanks: Tales from the O-NO Ranch 12-26-11 |

Mad Jack Hanks: Tales from the O-NO Ranch 12-26-11

Gentle readers, I have good intentions for the up coming new year. Yes I do.

You see I have found new hope. I found that new hope in the Denver Broncos new quarterback. I watch a young man with an apparent ease about him that seems to fascinate most everyone near him. He seems to always give credit to his God, his folks or his coaches and teammates. What a novel idea in this day and time!

My understanding of Tim’s background is that his mother and father were missionaries in the Phillipine Islands when she was pregnant with him. She was advised by her doctor to terminate the birth as there could be severe complications to her infant. She refused and placed her faith in God that she would deliver a normal baby. She did and what a treasure she brought into this world.

Does he have his distractors? Of course he does. There are folks out there that just can’t stand to see someone, anyone so straight as an arrow. Why is that? Danged if I know! I have to believe that it lies within their own personal lives and what has happened to them over the years. When I see Tim Tebow, I see a happy young man with a tender heart yet the heart of a lion and the courage of an Audie Murphy (most decorated soldier in WWII). I see goodness. I see honor and I see a man with the strength of his convictions.

I want to apply myself to trying to be more like Tim in this new year.

Is he perfect? No, he fumbled the ball in the game against the Patriots and threw some passes that weren’t all that good. He got sacked and lost a good many yards. Did he ever give up and quit? Nope. He encouraged his teammates to do their best. Some of them played awful. Some couldn’t tackle, some couldn’t catch a ball and some just appeared to give up towards the end. They had met a better team and they knew it. After all, it’s just a game isn’t it? Yes it is just a game but it is also a measuring stick to see who has the courage of their convictions. Who has the “ride for the brand” mentality? Who can continue to play as hard as they can under difficult circumstances.

Personally, I have to believe that Mr. Tebow has given most all of us a lift. I think he has challenged most of us to raise the bar a little in our own personal lives.

Well, children, let me wish you the best in this new year ahead and I hope that you can find as I have, that there is hope in these difficult times. Some of that hope may rest within you. Give it yer best shot!

As a side bar, my calendars for this next year are available at 287 Supply in Ft. Collins, Colo., Ace Hardware in Wellington, Colo., or of course by writing to me at P.O. Box 825 Wellington, Colo., 80549. Send me $10 for a signed calendar. They are cheaper at the above mentioned stores.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, have a happy prosperous new year and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

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The real deal was El Rusbo, Rush Limbaugh, Paul Harvey and The Duke. Yep, real men, the real deal. They are all gone now as Rush passed today. Made for a sad day for me…

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