Mad Jack Hanks: Tales from the O-NO Ranch 2-14-11 |

Mad Jack Hanks: Tales from the O-NO Ranch 2-14-11

Ahhhhhhh, motivation, what a wonderful little attribute to have when we need extra stimulation to get something of some importance done.

You know like, “git-r-done!” This writing is the Monday after the Super Bowl, which has nothing to do with the subject matter, but it is my usual column writing day and my swim day. Yesterday on the “telly” I watched an advertisement that motivated me to some degree.

This feller was leaning on the side of a swimming pool with his swim cap on and talking about some medication (I think) but he mentioned that he swam a mile every day! “Wow,” I ruminated as he appeared to be just a few years my junior. I was impressed as I, a few years back, could only muster 50 (25-meter) laps in the pool and that’s a little over a half mile. It takes 66 (25-meter) laps to make a mile as I have been told. These past three or four years I have only been doing 36 laps because when I did the 50 laps I had no energy left to do anything when I got home.

So, gentle readers, after doing my 36 laps this morning I decided to go ahead and try and hit the 50 mark again. I was motivated. I did 52 laps a personal best for me and could have gone ahead and done the other 14 to make a mile but they would have had to pull me from the pool and put me in an ambulance to revive me!

It started early this morning swinging that heavy mallet bustin’ ice in the water tubs. It was cold, like 17 degrees, and my back was getting’ sore. I almost talked myself out of going to swim as I figured I had done enough exercise for the morning. Naw, that feller swims a mile every day. What am I some kind of a wuss?

I’m glad I put out the extra effort to “git-r-done” because I feel absolutely marvelous. I have to split some firewood later and get some artwork done for a customer, but me thinks that I may, just may be motivated to take a nap sometime later in the day.

Children, get yerself motivated to do something that will inspire you and make you feel really glad that you “got-r-done!”

Today is Valentine’s Day and I trust you have someone that is special to you to show your love. It may just be a grandchild, a daughter, your mom or your boyfriend or husband, but give ‘um a big ole kiss and tell ‘um Mad Jack made ya do it!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya’ll, all ya’ll!

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