Mad Jack Hanks: Tales From The O-NO Ranch 2-18-13 |

Mad Jack Hanks: Tales From The O-NO Ranch 2-18-13

Gentle readers, if you watched any of the recent Super Bowl advertisements you may have seen an ad by Dodge trucks called “The Farmer.”

It was narrated by the late Paul Harvey. I understand that he originally did this at an FFA convention some years ago. It was a very stirring reflection of what it means to be a farmer or a rancher. It presented the challenges, hardships and rewards that come from working the soil, raising livestock and being the provider of our nation’s food supply.

I had begun to think in the past few months that the common man, the salt of the earth kind of folks have been shoved aside for the more appropriate politically correct left of center way of thinking and doing. I don’t think that any more and I’ll tell you why. While listening to talk radio and viewing various programs on the telly, I found no one, absolutely no one that didn’t like the Dodge ad. Nada, not one. That covered both sides of the aisle: donkeys and elephants and everyone in between. There was just something about that ad that brought what America represents to the front and center and it could not be ignored. It just couldn’t!

Yes, I am sure there are those out there that could have cared less. “Just a bunch of hick farmers and cowboys, trying to play on our heartstrings. I don’t need that, I can go to the store and get what ever I need whenever I need it. I don’t need to be fed propaganda like that!” Yep, I would almost bet that there were a few way off to the left that might have felt that way. I believe that the majority of folks that watched that ad all of a sudden were proud at least for a moment, that they lived in a country where common folks played by the rules, worked hard, paid their taxes, prayed to their God and took a moment to mess up their grandson’s hair and scratch their dog’s ears. Yes, I know other folks do the same and work just as hard as a man of the soil or a cattle producer and love America like most of us do.

Folks, this is America, land of the free, home of the brave and we need to be prepared to stand our ground and let anyone and everyone know that thinks they can change it to some other way of being, thinking or doing that rubs up against personal freedom and our constitution … it ain’t gonna’ happen!

I do miss Paul Harvey and there are others that are trying to follow in his footsteps and I say “God bless ’um!”

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c y’all, all y’all. ❖

Mad Jack Hanks

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