Mad Jack Hanks: Tales from the O-NO Ranch 2-21-11 |

Mad Jack Hanks: Tales from the O-NO Ranch 2-21-11

Gentle readers, if you and I were sitting around the campfire, I would probably start our conversations something like this, “Did ya’ hear where the Saudi Arabian folks let it leak that their oil reserves might by 40 percent less than they had originally supposed?”

Actually, you and I sort of sit around the campfire each week when you read this column. We chew the fat and ruminate on various subjects. I probably should have originally called this column “Around the campfire,” but I digress.

When that came on the news oil futures shot up and the next day we heard that it was all a mistake that we just misunderstood what they said. “Really?” I ask you. Did we really not understand what they said to us? I mean, like, after all, we have only been doing business with them for over 60 years! And we still can’t understand them? Hummmmm … what gives here?

I bet most of you haven’t heard that between some parts of Canada, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, and of course Colorado, that there are more oil and gas reserves than all of the Middle Eastern countries combined! How about that! Is that true? I tend to believe that there is a lot of truth to that statement.

We hear constantly that China and other countries want all of our manufacturing jobs. They are doing a pretty fair job of getting all of those jobs it appears. You know what I think? I think that there will come a point and time when those foreign workers that make two, three, five or eight dollars a day will stand up and say “Let’s unionize.” They will get tired of being slave labor and demand more and when it all comes to a head you might just see what’s going on in Egypt right now. American manufacturers will slowly but surely begin to come back to the good ole U.S. of A.

There are some manufacturing jobs those countries will never get. They in no way can compete with us on our agriculture productions. It’s hard to raise a good calf crop out in the middle of the desert. It’s also hard to grow corn, soybeans, wheat, rice and all of the wonderful, healthy food that we produce. We will have to feed those folks and they know it.

I would suggest to you as we sit around the campfire that if you don’t have a job or you want to change jobs and have a good future with excellent benefits like hard work, fresh air and peace of mind, go to a farm or a ranch and offer yourself up for some on the job training and put all you have into it. I guarantee you it will change your outlook on life and put a spring back in your step and hope in your heart.

Too much of the rest of the world has depended on us to help them out. We are expected to come to the aid of every country that asks and just give, give, give. Too many of them have lost respect for us and what we stand for. They rally in the streets, burn our flag and spit at us. They demand that we respect them. It’s time we concentrate on us! We’re broke. We can’t run all over the world handin’ out money, fighting wars and trying to be big brother to the rest of creation. Maybe, just maybe if those countries repaid their debts to us we would be in a little better shape and maybe if our own government quit spending money we don’t have for things we don’t need we could see some daylight.

I see our campfire is burning low and it’s time to call it a day. Ranchers, cowboys, farmers and farm hands, you are our future! Thanks for hangin’ in there with me. Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya’ll, all ya’ll!

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