Mad Jack Hanks: Tales From The O-NO Ranch 5-13-13 |

Mad Jack Hanks: Tales From The O-NO Ranch 5-13-13

Gentle readers, as I sat in front of my computer pondering the possibility I might be in trouble trying to come up with some subject matter for this column, I noticed a young woman pulling a little red wagon with three little tow headed kids in the wagon going up the road.

“How cool is that?” I thought to myself as my mind raced back to long ago and far away when I remember riding in a little red wagon. It must have been in Crane, Texas, when I was just a pup. If memory serves me correctly, I was excited to have a seat in that wagon and for the life of me, I cannot remember who might have been pulling me. Certainly it must have been one of my older sisters. I remember, I think, how it bounced over that gravel road in front of our house and how that was somehow comforting to a little tow headed kid.

I think those little red wagons are responsible for some of us needing some sort of a vehicle later in life that fills a certain need for speed. Of course little red wagons aren’t fast unless your older sister takes off running with the wagon so you will get a good grip and voice your pleasure. Most men and women I think have a certain fondness for sporty cars or hot rods if you will in their younger days. Could it be that that little red wagon is responsible for me wanting to ride faster horses, have cool lookin’ automobiles and now at soon to be 73, riding my Harley up the interstate as if I were 37 instead?

Many times when I’m on the interstate on me Harley, I will pass some convertible or sports car or even a restored hot rod with an older couple reclaiming their youth. I always give them a thumbs up as if to say, “let’s squeeze all the good out of our remaining healthy years as we can!” I always get a big smile, a thumbs up or a honk as we pass one another.

Actually, I do not speed at any time, any where on any mode of transportation I may have access to at the moment. Nope, I’m to old for that! Now I may punch a hole in the wind on my Harley if I come up behind a semi and think for any reason his tires don’t sound as if they are in a healthy state. On one occasion a semi did lose a tire tread up in front of me when on my bike and it was a matter of a concentrated effort on my part to get slowed down and dodge as many of the larger pieces as I could. I did hit several of the smaller chunks of tire but got through it in good shape. The driver was out of his truck and gave me a “man I’m sorry” look as I passed. A truck tire flying off when you are behind or going around a truck is not quite like that little red wagon bouncing down a gravel road!

Those three little tow headed kids that just went by will at some time in their life remember riding in that little red wagon with their mom in the wheel house.

Ole Howdy, my old fat paint hoss is like me, too old to punch a hole in the wind any more, but we still have a go at it on occasion!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, remember to stand tall for what is right and I’ll c y’all, all y’all. ❖


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