Mad Jack Hanks: Tales From The O-NO Ranch 5-6-13

Mad Jack Hanks
Wellington, Colo.

“Honey, thanks for breakfast,” she says, “I’m going out to work with the colts while it’s still cool. Then I will pull the rods in the south pasture windmill and change the leathers. Who knows, I might even get a little wet in the process. That would be nice.”

With a kiss on the cheek she heads out the screen door only to pause long enough to remind him to add softener to the wash so the towels will be soft. With that she is off to the saddle room with the dogs in hopes she might make good progress with a couple of ornery colts. He sighs, clears the table and starts the dishwasher quickly glancing out the window to catch a glimpse of his pettie little wife wishing down deep that he could just be her just once and do the things she always seems to do with ease.

Yep, gentle readers, here we have a desperate house husband. He is a little soft when it comes to doing the manly things usually expected of all men most of the time. As he is mopping the kitchen floor he stops long enough to shake out a throw rug and is astonished at what he sees.

There she is, sitting confidently on the bigger of the two colts as she lopes him around the pen while leading his counter part. All of a sudden he feels smaller than Tiny Tim on a tricycle with training wheels. He had so wanted to be able to catch a couple of minutes and go to the round pen to volunteer any assistance he might could be. To late, she already was two jumps ahead of the dogs, so to speak, and again was champion of both of their worlds. But, she always did it in such a sweet way.

Truth is dear hearts and gentle readers, that situation is not all that far fetched. Today’s woman is more involved in “manly” things than she used to be in days of old. Easy girls, I know that most all farm and ranch wives have always been capable of getting out and doing the “manly” chores when ever the need arose. I personally believe that in today’s world too many of our young men and little boys and being “softened” up and made to feel the need to not want to play with toy guns, make imaginary war, and yes even fight. Did I say fight?

Whoa … it’s seems to be the little girls that are doing the fighting in school these days, at least in some of the schools I have read about. They actually have fight clubs. I am not, in my old age in favor of kids fighting, that is unless it’s necessary. If a kid, girl or boy, is being bullied it may very well be time to kick some butt!

My present dance partner is an educated woman. She is a veterinarian, kick boxer, weight lifter and rides her own motorcycle. She is a quiet, sweet little gal and you would never guess that she would have the slightest interest in the above mentioned. If you happen to be a desperate house husband, friend just do the best you can with what you got and be glad your wife is a capable woman. If it helps, I just finished mopping the kitchen floor and dusting the living room furniture.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, stand tall for honor and accountability. I’ll c y’all, all y’all. ❖