Mad Jack Hanks: Tales from the O-NO Ranch 7-18-11 |

Mad Jack Hanks: Tales from the O-NO Ranch 7-18-11

Today, gentle readers, is July 11. I predict that today will be a hot one. Well, for us here in northern Colorado it will hot because of the high humidity that we have been having with all this recent rain. You know how I am on predictions. I think I might be batting zero when it comes to me being accurate on matters and such. I had Osoma Bin Laden dead six years ago and Hillary Clinton our current President.

I predict it will be hot because I just came from outside where I was whackin’ weeds with a “yo-yo.” I think most of you country folks know what that is. I was trying to get weeds that the bush hog could not reach and let me tell ya, I got hot!

I know, I know, I promised that I would not complain once we got some good ole hot summer weather. I reckon that I misspoke. Isn’t that the excuse that most politicians use under the same circumstances? I even had my short britches on and a short sleeve shirt and a hat, but it was that nasty ole humidity. I was sweatin’ like Joe Biden at a Tea Party rally.

I really should be ashamed of myself as I know what has been going on in other parts of the country. Floods have devastated many parts of the country and drought and fire have consumed a good part of what’s left. I know across Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas and New Mexico fires have wiped out a good many ranches. Fences were burned up along with some livestock and even ranch homes and improvements. Doggone it. You get some favorable commodity prices along with a strong cattle market and you can put some bucks in the bank and pay off some debts and along comes tragedy.

I will predict that this time next year I will be lookin’ at a scorched pasture from a lack of rain and a lot of hot weather. Family and friends down in West Texas have not seen measurable rain since September. They are not the only ones that need some relief.

There are many, many of you out there that are out of work and you need a job. I have been out of work before and I know that unsettling feeling of knowing you have a family to provide for and you just can’t seem to get anywhere with your efforts.

I predict that this economy will stay in a sad state of affairs for an extended period of time. I hope not, Lord I hope not. But you see, that’s in your favor because my predictions never ever seem to come true!

Keep the faith Baby, don’t ever give up. I remember seeing a tee shirt once that had a big bird trying to swallow a frog and the frog had a death grip on the bird’s throat trying to choke him before he was eaten. The message was … “Don’t ever give up!”

I predict that you won’t and I bet that is one of my predictions that will come out in the plus column for ole Mad Jack.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya’ll, all ya’ll.

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