Mad Jack Hanks: Tales From the O-NO Ranch 7-9-12 |

Mad Jack Hanks: Tales From the O-NO Ranch 7-9-12

You want to know how hot it is, gentle readers? IT’S HOT ENOUGH! Doesn’t that about say it all?

Is it due to global warming? I would say yes, but then we have to explain exactly what global warming is. My uneducated guess is that our planet heats and cools every so many years and it happens to be the time the planet is heating up for a period of time. I have written before that when you see the weather girl give the records being set it has always been colder and it has always been hotter at different times and sometimes decades ago. So, there you are Charlie Brown.

It has been hot here in Colorado as it has, and is, all over the country. It’s nothing now to hear that yes, it went over 100 again today. Then you throw in all these dreadful fires that seem to pop up out of nowhere. Combine that with all this heat and this terrible drought in progress and it is really HOT!

As I write the worst of the fires, at least in Colorado have been brought sort of under control. The big fire that burned up so much country just west of me is now contained, or so they say. God bless you fire fighters and all that put yourself in harm’s way to do such a good job under terrible circumstances.

What have we learned you “tree huggers?” Have we learned by now that it is good business  to clear out dead timber and use those logging roads to benefit fire fighters in the future. Is it good business to allow livestock along with the deer, elk, moose and antelope to graze those heavily forested and other areas to reduce having overgrown areas that turn into tinder boxes at times like these? I would bet that if it was indeed your house that fell victim to these raging fires, you most likely would say, “yes.” This is such a heart breaking situation for so many who have lost so much. Those of us that don’t have to regroup like you, we think of you often and of course our prayers are for your future and hopefully the good things it may bring.

We really do need to use some common sense when it comes to managing our public lands and not fall victim to the cries of the environmentalist that feel a need to save every tree, every blade of grass and in effect they let it all, “burn baby burn.

I was watching the huge plumes of smoke that covered the horizon and much of the heavens and I’m thinkin’, “How many 18 wheelers would it take on the interstate to create that much pollution?” Friend, it would take a bunch, a whole bunch bumper to bumper for miles to do that much damage.

Insurance will be harder to get for folks living in those fire danger zones and many companies just may not offer fire insurance at all in certain areas. It all comes down to being of a practical mind, using common sense and not folding to each and every bug, frog, lizard and owl saving radical. That’s all. Betcha’ things just stay the same, whatta’ ya bet? Our forest are like gardens. They need to be thinned at times for the good of the whole. Mother Nature when she get’s her belly full begins to vomit and we have seen the results of beetle killed timber left to stand and forest floors full of dead pine needles and dead grasses and brush that could have been used for grazing at some time or other.

Just my humble opinion and mine only. There will be some of you that agree with me and some that don’t. Regardless we have witnessed some of the worst fires our beautiful state has ever seen and may ever see.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

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