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Mad Jack Hanks

These past couple of weeks I have been hearing on the news and talk shows about schools in California, Arizona and now in Colorado that are not displaying the American flag or allowing kids to wear any PATRIOTIC clothing! Now mind you, gentle readers, these are government (public) schools funded by you and me out of our tax dollars. Do you think that some here in America are getting a little confused about who we are and what we are about?

A young woman at a middle school here in Colorado wore her blue jeans, white shirt and red sweater to school and was told that she would be expelled if she didn’t go home and change! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? What are they going to do with all the redneck kids with white socks and blue jeans?

Here’s the deal … it’s for safety reasons, the school administrators say. “We don’t want to create any friction or cause any discourse between minority kids whose parents are here illegally, but are getting a free education at the expense of good-hearted Americans.”

Excuse me here, friends, this is America. This the home of the brave and the land of the FREE! The land where you should be able to stand up and wear a shirt with an American flag on it and shout that you are “proud to be an American.” Some kids wore fatigues to school to support our young men and women who are fighting for our freedom against terrorism abroad. They were told they couldn’t do that!

Who are we now as a nation? Have we gotten so politically correct? Have we taken the path of trying to take our young boys and make them more feminine, softer, and more emotional so they will feel guilty when they grow up they won’t want to go hunting or fishing or box or be involved in rough sports? Who will fight our wars?

Our women? Well, they just might … Women are gettin’ tougher and more involved in the rougher sports and a lot of little boys are being led down a softer path.

How about our politicians? Who’s watching the store? Who’s watching our borders? Not Homeland Security. I just found out that one of the deputy secretaries has been caught on his computer trying to hook up with what he thought was a 14-year-old girl. Turns out it was the law he was e-mailing with. He gave his name, where he worked, what he did and all of his work and cell phone numbers. He was gonna get him a young girl, you betcha.

Are we confused in this country or are we just flat lazy? Have we gotten too afraid to speak out about the issues that are of great concern and are flat out taking our sovereignty as a country away from us?

To tell ya the truth, I am MAD JACK today. I am livid about the lack of concern from our government. Don’t ya get it by now? It’s for the good of the party, not the good of the principles (citizens) that keep politicians stuck in the mire they are in today.

I’m not confused. I know the country in which I live and I know what it stands for and I think you do, too. Fly a flag on your vehicle. Get a bumper sticker that says, “LET’S ROLL!” Stand up and don’t shut up the first time someone calls you the big R word. This is our country; we are responsible for it, it is our treasure to protect and preserve for future generations. In simpler terms … “COWBOY UP!”

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.


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