Mad Jack: Someone is still messing with my mailbox |

Mad Jack: Someone is still messing with my mailbox

Oh my…would you believe gentle readers, that the very next day after my column concerning abuse to my poor mailbox, the phantom returned during the night and punished that mailbox again!

Good grief Charlie Brown, what gives here?

Could it be the fan-tom of the mailbox caper or the phantom or both?

Yep, I had it beefed up pretty darn good so in frustration they ripped the little red flag completely off and whacked it with a heavy object and put a fair sized dent in it. I repaired it the best I could and it is still useable. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to go and buy a new one now does it?

And to top it all off, I have a small “old glory” American flag attached to the post the mailbox is on and it flies proudly above it. Now who would want to destroy a old mailbox with “old glory” attached to it? I’ll tell ya who…it’s somebody that not only does not like me but does not like America or what it stands for.

Hey, it’s okay…really. I now may have a full time job and that would be becoming an expert in replacing mailboxes. Heck, I might could someday write a blog about it or even publish a book on the finer points of mailbox repair and or replacing. Most likely won’t make the New York Times Best Seller List but one can never tell. You could see me on Good Morning America or Bill O’Reilly or the Ellen show.

Now there is that chance we may catch this rascal or at least get some imagery of him or her or it. Wouldn’t that put a dent (no pun intended) in their little caper? In all honesty my neighbor to the north had her mailbox completely removed, as in vanished. This of course could be a case of kids drinking a little too much and being short on brains, but having too much on their hands. However, I did mention in my last column about the mailbox caper that it was my and my mailbox alone receiving the damage.

If I were Peter Sellers of Pink Panther fame, I would suspect that they took another mailbox in order to throw me off their trail…hmmm.

Time will tell I suppose and I will keep you informed. I had a reader from the West Slope, Grand Junction area, call and tell me he on occasion would suffer a damaged mailbox like myself. We had a good visit and I always enjoy hearing from my faithful readers.

Okay now, lets switch horses and remind you that The Daddy of ‘em All, Cheyenne Frontier Days, is going on as you read this.

That is one super duper good rodeo and place to hang out when you need some entertainment.

I had to doctor ole Nugget (my zebra dun) as he had an infection in his eye. He has to be hobbled or you could have problems as he is one big hoss! The first time I doctored him he was fairly patient and we had no issues. Yesterday morning was a little different as he began to rear and jump with those hobbles on. Kinda scary for an old guy (me) trying to stay out of his way as he seemed to want to follow me around. He finally wound up in the fence corner where I was able to tie his head to a stout corner post and finally got him doctored. He looked good this morning.

Well, it’s time to close. Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, say your prayers, hug your kids, be kind to your neighbor and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all! ❖

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