Mad Jack: Spring brings good memories and time to watchout for rattlesnakes |

Mad Jack: Spring brings good memories and time to watchout for rattlesnakes

Yep, gentle readers, I am enjoying the bits and pieces of spring that I have encountered recently.

Of course, we all know here in the mountain states that you can have all sorts of weather this time of year. I did see that first Robin’s red breast this past week and a momma rabbit down in the corral with a mouthful of left over hay stuffed in her mouth.

She, I am sure, was in the process of building a nest for her soon to be babies. The sparrows are gathering anything they can find to build their respective nests. I am amazed when I see a completed bird nest or a wasp nest. The engineering just blows my mind.

Heck, they got no HANDS! What amazing creatures. I can’t even build a good bird house. I did decide to try and put a coffee can on a small platform and cut a round hole in the plastic lid for a door and that would be something the birds would appreciate.

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They won’t even get close to it and it’s up on a high post. Made me feel like a big loser. Oh well, I reckon they can just build whatever they want to that suits their particular needs.

Other signs of “springing” are the ponies. Oh my gosh, the hair that’s coming off. I can’t get to within ten feet of them. I seem to just be covered in hair from head to toe.

Horses never look their best this time of year — not until they have shed all that winter hair. I’ve had large flocks of what I call Mountain Bluebirds passing through. They are beautiful birds, slightly larger than a sparrow with bright blue backs.

I am in the process of deciding if I want to lease out my grass again or buy my own steers to run through the summer months.

I have an abundance of grass left from last year and Coal Creek is full of water from all the snow melt.

The large herds of Antelope are starting to drift away as it gets closer to the warmer days. Now it will be time to always keep an eye and an ear open to the sound of rattlers.

I didn’t see a one last year. It didn’t mean they weren’t here, I just didn’t see any. I have had numerous encounters with rattlesnakes in the 20 years I have lived here.

I have mentioned before that I have had my dog and one horse bitten by them and it is ugly. I sure need to avoid getting bitten at all cost.

Still, there is a little snow on the ground in the shade and a chance for more this week. (Editor’s note: Boy, did we get more!)

I am just so glad that the hard winter weather is behind us and we are able to spring forward into what I hope is a great summer.

Some times I think back to past springs and one memory that I cherish is Little Miss Martha and I with our second grandson, Brice, between us holding our hands as we walked down the road.

He was almost three, had on his seed corn cap and a big grass stem protruding out of his fat little cheeks.

It was such an innocent time for us all. Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, do something nice and unexpectedly for someone this week. I hope y’all all had a wonderful Easter.

I’ll c. y’all, all y’all next week. ❖

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