Mad Jack: Watch out for phone scams |

Mad Jack: Watch out for phone scams

Seems to me, gentle readers, there are more scams and scam artists out there today than ever before.

I reckon it’s because there are so many idiots ready and willing to oblige them. It’s usually the older generation that is the main target and, since I fall into that group of folks, I get hammered on a lot. For example: I have been receiving calls from a certain fellow and when I answer, no one will respond. I finally just stand there like an idiot and hold the phone and after a while I hang up. I got mad the other day and called this feller back and his recording was simply, “If you do not know me then hang up. Someone is using my number to run a scam, sorry you are involved.”

So, there ya go. I got a call from Ivanka Trump today informing me that her dad was going to be inour area and would I please come out and support him. I told her how beautiful I thought she was and asked if would she like to go dancing with me while she was here. She never shut up. ‘No sir,’ she just kept blabbin’ and showed me no respect at all. Do you think you might be a redneck if you talk to the recorded voices on your phone trying pitch something or other to you?

Hummmm. I have been told on three different occasions last week, twice in one day, that I had to settle up NOW with the IRS.

“Do you think you might be a redneck if you talk to the recorded voices on your phone trying pitch something or other to you?“

Time out, I just had to go to the door and there was a young man wanting to use my phone. Said he had an elderly woman with him, which he did, and that his phone was dead and he needed to make a call to meet someone. Turns out, he was obviously telling the truth.

He looked like a hooligan to me. He said he had just killed a RATTLESNAKE and was still shaken up over it. No, he weren’t no hooligan. I just sent him on his way.

I am expecting company today as my 17-year-old granddaughter wanted to have her birthday party at Grandpa’s place. How cool is that? I’ll take that any day!

Well, back to scams…Direct TV called again and before he could start his pitch I said “Sir, I know what you are about to say. You are going to tell me what a devoted and desired customer that I am. With that being said, you are then going to offer me some free movies in the hopes that when that three months or so is out I will have forgotten and then you can start charging me for the once free movies!”

“Oh Mr. Hawks, I don’t think you will want to cancel out when we are giving you such a great deal to start with,” he assured me. We started to argue and I have to tell ya, old folks don’t like it when we are forced to defend ourselves.

I told him he was full of, well you know and hung up. I also received a call telling me that if I didn’t want to go to jail over my recent larceny charge (are you kiddin’ me?) that I could settle out of court by calling a certain number. Who are these folks that would pull this kind of crap on the golden generation? Oh well, I did enjoy my visit with Ivanka and do plan on supporting her dad but I just wished she had stopped talking long enough for me tell her how much fun I am to go dancin’ with!

Win some, lose some I reckon. Hey, stay tuned, check yer phone to see who is on the line, remember that there are some really good folks out there that like Bill O’Reilly are lookin’ out after you! I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. Please don’t fall for the IRS scam or any of the others. ❖

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