March ice fishing |

March ice fishing

Molly J. Bredehoft

By the time March blows into Wyoming, my family and I are ready for the snow to be gone and the cold air to be warm. For the most part, where we live, the welcome in change of season does not happen for a couple of more months. This March there were still feet of snow at our house and many more in the mountains, but we decided to get outdoors and partake in one of our favorite activities – fishing. Only we would be going ice fishing.

The day was clear and bright, the sun reflecting off of the snow. Each one of us bundled in our snow suits and helmets, ready for a long ride on a snow machine. Our destination was Green River Lakes in the Bridger Teton National Forest, 20-miles from the parking lot where we loaded all of the gear and ourselves onto the snow machines.

When we arrived at the lake, we drove our snow machines across the frozen mass of water to a prime location close to the outlet of the lake. My husband drilled a few holes in the ice, our son following him with a scoop to remove the slush. We set up a few rods with worms and others with sucker meat so we could begin jigging- moving our rods up and down in the icy hole. Our hope: to entice a few fish below to swim by and take a bite.

After a short wait we had a fish hooked. My daughter laughed as she reeled it in, pulling it up out of the hole. Once out, she tried to put her hands around the body of a decent sized lake trout flopping against the snow.

We ate our lunch on the seats of the snow machines, enjoying each ray of sun that touched our faces. Four cow elk crossed the Green River, not far from where we were, and worked their way up the mountain breaking their own trail. We watched the elk and waited for more fish.

We only caught one fish that day, but gathered many memories of our day outside in March. So, when the snow begins to fall again, we’ll be ready for another day of ice fishing.

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