Marcy Livestock Mature Cow Herd Dispersion/Marcy Cattle Co. Bred Female Complete Dispersion |

Marcy Livestock Mature Cow Herd Dispersion/Marcy Cattle Co. Bred Female Complete Dispersion

TFP Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: 09/30/2021

Location: Gordon Livestock, Gordon, NE

Auctioneer: Matt Lowery

Sales Manager: Angus Hall of Fame


125 Bred cows average $4746

74 bred heifers average $3706

2 open heifers average $5250

2 units Scale Crusher semen $3,300

The Koupal Angus crew from Dante, S.D., at the Marcy Livestock/Marcy Cattle Co. female sale.


Brothers Tom and George Marcy along with their families hosted the Marcy Cattle Co. Complete Bred Female Dispersal and Marcy Livestock Scale Crusher Mature Cow Herd Dispersal at Gordon Livestock on Sept. 30.

Trent Boner, Douglas, Wyo., got a few females at the Marcy sale, including Marcy's Erica 578, a Marcy Scale Crusher sired donor cow.

This was a Complete Bred Female dispersal for Marcy Cattle Co., Tom and Kim, and a Mature Cowherd dispersal for Marcy Livestock, George and Andrea.

This was an excellent sale for the Marcy’s. These cows have been the backbone of the Marcy program for several generations and have produced many top herd sired for their customers. With the young cowherd still in place, George and Andrea will continue on breeding top quality Angus bulls.

Gaskill Ranch took a few Marcy females back to Volborg, Mont.

Sale highlights include:

Lot 1, Marcys Erica 337, 1/2013 open donor female sired by Sitz Upward 307R x Leachman Right Time sold to Voss Angus, Dexter, IA for $65,000.

Lot 16, Marcys Erica 578, 2/2015 open donor female sired by Marcys Scale Crusher, sold to Trent Boner, Douglas, WY for $22,000.

Lot 46, Marcys 12 Ethelda E 64-2, 2/2016 sired by Connealy Consensus 7299, bred to Marcys 20 Scale Crusher 59-0 sold to Saddle Butte Ranch, Interior, SD and Minert-Simonson Angus Ranch, NE for $12,000.

Lot 116, Marcys Pride 487, 2/2014, sired by Marcys 09 Sledgehammer 103-9, sold with 3 Marcy Scale Crusher IVF embryos and bred to SAV Scale House 0845 sold to Mandi Nevjahr, Milford, IA for $11,500.

Lot 28, Marcys Erica 557, 2/2015, open donor cow sired by Leachman Right Time sold with three Marcys Scale Crusher IVF embryos sold to Curtis VanDerVeen, Phillipsburg, KS for $10,500.

Three cows sold at $10,000 each:

Lot 47, Marcys 13 Ethelda E 48-3, 2/2013, open donor cow sired by Marcys Scale Crusher sold to Koupals B&B Angus, Dante, SD.

Lot 19, Marcys Erica 587, 2/2015 sired by Marcys Scale Crusher, bred to Sitz Resilient 1028 sold to John Anderson, Pierce, NE.

Lot 43, Marcys 15 Erica 212-5, 3/2015 sired by Marcys 13 Upward 8-3, bred to Baldridge Flagstone F411 sold to Red Rock Cattle, Spencer, SD.


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