Maybe someday |

Maybe someday

Sandy Lemmon
Crawford, Neb.

I patched a tire in the last town,

And almost filled up with gas –

I saved enough back for a candy bar,

A gooey one that would last.

I took Pickles out of the trailer,

Loosened him up, walking around –

Let him drink some water,

Nibble on some grass that he found.

Then loaded him back on the trailer,

Makin’ sure he had some hay –

Not too much to fill him too full,

Just some to munch on, to pass time away.

Then I crawled back into my pickup,

Munched my candy and headed out –

Three more hours of driving,

I’m already plumb tuckered out.

With luck I’ll get there ’bout three,

Unload Pickles and get him warmed up,

But the rodeo isn’t ’till six –

Sometimes this livin’ is tough.

But I can grab a few hours of sleep,

And concession food isn’t bad –

Surely I can eat for five dollars,

Unfortunately that’s all that I have.

My entry fee has been paid,

With a too well used credit card,

And if I don’t win some money this time,

Goin’ on will be pretty darn hard.

And sometimes I think about quittin’,

And stayin’ some place for awhile –

Gettin’ an 8 to 5 payin’ job,

Really livin’ in style.

But then I remember Pickles,

And what it’s like flyin’ on him,

Roundin’ the barrels and headin’ home,

Pushin’ hard for a win.

His muscles movin’ beneath me,

His heart beating with mine –

Leanin’ into the curves,

Takin’ the shortest line.

And I know I can’t give up this feeling,

I can’t give up livin’ this way –

I’ll settle down when I’m older –

I’ll settle down – maybe – someday.

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