McClun’s Lazy JM Ranch Annual Spring Bull Sale

TFP Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: 04/14/2022

Location: Torrington Livestock Market, Torrington, Wyoming

Auctioneer: Lander Nicodemous


38 Angus Bulls Averaged $5171

46 Hereford Bulls Averaged $3853

84 Total Bulls Averaged $4450

Sale Highlights

Lot 1 at $15,000, MC ENHANCE H31 DTM, 8/18/21, SYDGEN ENHANCE x KCF BENNETT ABSOLUTE, Sold to Larson Farms & Feeding-Gill, Colorado

Lot 4 at $12,000, MC ENHANCE H44 DTM, 8/27/20, SYDGEN ENHANCE x KCF BENNETT ABSOLUTE, Sold to Bill Mills-Casper, Wyoming

Lot 2 at $9500, MC MAGNITUDE H41 DTM, 8/24/20, MEAD MAGNITUDE x CHERRY CREEK C344M, Sold to Jack Larson-Gill, Colorado

Lot 6 at $9000, MC MAGNITUDE H33 DTM, 8/19/20, MEAD MAGNITUDE x GAR PROPHET, Sold to Brett Kaufaman-Torrington, Wyoming

Lot 13 at $6500, MC ACCLAIM 219H, 9/5/20, KCF BENNETT ACCLAIM C442 x MSU TCF REVOLUTION 4R, Sold to Bob Norman-Broadwater, Nebraska

Lot 15 at $6000, MC CUDA 214H, 8/29/20, BEHM 100W CUDA 504C x NJW 98B 10W MARTY 7D, Sold to Mary Evelyn J. Krejci-Lance Creek, Wyoming


McClun’s Lazy JM Ranch hosted their Annual Spring Bull Sale April 14, 2022, at Torrington Livestock Market in Torrington, Wyo. The McClun family, now five generations deep, has been raising and selling bulls for 48 years now and their philosophy is simple, provide their customers with great service, do business on a handshake. Congratulations on a great sale!


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