Meet Buckeye Butch |

Meet Buckeye Butch

I would like to introduce myself to all new and past The Fence Post readers. I have been taking The Fence Post for over 20 years now started working the puzzles for the jokes. At the time I was training border collies for Junior Mulholland. His wife would get flustered with them and say here Butch you work them.

I had recently retired from the post office and taken the job of driving a water truck for Grand Junction pipe. I knew the owner Ron Tipping when we worked for corn construction. When my truck boss told us we better be looking for new jobs I took him at his word. I got a job hauling propane for Buckeye Gas products. So my handle was Buckeye Butch and I would pass drivers who were still working for corn. Corn construction finally ended but drivers always move on. Buckeye gas products became Ferrell gas about the time I went to work for the post office for whom I worked for 20 years. I worked road construction 20 years during both times of 40 years I trained horses, guided hunters and worked with dogs for over 60 years. I trained border collies and I ran sled dogs.

My friends said I would never live past 30 and I didn’t argue with most of them. I have lived a hard fast life and every time someone told me I couldn’t do something you guessed it.

As I begin this column I’m waiting to have both knees replaced. I have broken both legs the left one twice. I have broken both arms the left one twice. I have nine documented concussions and I have broken my back. I have separated both shoulders due to horses people said I should’ve left alone. I have pulled all my ribs and broken three. A year ago last spring I had a staph infection that almost did me in. I was in the hospital for six weeks and then a nurse coming in every day for six weeks when I got home. I never started to think I was going to get over it until October when I managed to get outside and watched the ducks landing on our pond. Everything looked up from then. The funny thing about it when I was in the hospital the doctors asked me what I had done, if I had known what I had done I wouldn’t have been there?

I am prone to jumping around telling stories about my childhood and the next week about something that made me mad when I was watching the boob tube. There may be a few continued next week, and if you get to the point where you don’t like what I’m writing you need to let The Fence Post know. That doesn’t necessarily mean I will stop but I might try to go a different direction.

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