Mexico to continue imports of GMO corn from US |

Mexico to continue imports of GMO corn from US

Mexico will continue to import genetically modified corn from the United States but will not allow it to be grown in the country, Mexican Agriculture Minister Victor Villalobos told reporters after meeting with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack in Iowa, Reuters reported.

Villalobos made the statement in the context of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s decision to ban the herbicide glyphosate as well as GMO corn by 2024. The country’s Supreme Court rejected four appeals filed against the order.

According to KCUR, an Iowa public radio station, Vilsack told reporters, “I was certainly pleased to hear from the secretary an understanding that while there may be decisions made in Mexico not to cultivate (genetically engineered) corn, it doesn’t limit the ability of Mexico to import GE corn. The reality is they can’t produce enough for their needs.”


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