Modern fashions have no set rules |

Modern fashions have no set rules

The other day I read an article that spoke about the fashions of today. Apparently there are no longer any set rules as to what one should wear when going to work. For instance, it is perfectly alright to wear flip flops. I guess it’s better than going barefoot.

It takes me back to the days many years ago when I was working as a secretary for a large insurance company. Not too many jobs were open to women then. Most of them were secretaries, nurses or teachers. A few lucky women made it to medical schools.

There were certain rules we had to follow. Slacks were not permitted. You had to wear dresses or skirts and blouses, and always stockings. Nylon hose was hard to come by. When you were lucky enough to find some you had to make sure the seams were straight behind your legs. When you couldn’t get nylons you had to wear leg make-up. The process was time consuming. As the day wore on, especially during the summer, the leg makeup often melted.

When you went downtown to shop you wouldn’t dream of leaving home without putting on your gloves or enter a House of Worship without wearing a hat.

Those days are long gone, yet I long for the time when the pace was slower, when a man would hold a door open to let a woman enter first, and when it was okay to greet your neighbor with a smile on your face.

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