Monday CNFR results |

Monday CNFR results

CASPER, Wyo. — The following are results after Monday slack at the 72nd annual College National Finals Rodeo, June 14, 2021 courtesy of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association. Complete results are available at

Barrel Racing: (first round winners) 1, Tayla Moeykens, Montana State University, 14.24 seconds. 2, Sadie Wolaver, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, 14.27. 3, Allison Pauley, South Dakota State University, 14.29. 4, (tie) Amber Scales, Sam Houston State University; and Jaylie Matthews, East Mississippi Community College, 14.32 each. 7, Karson Bradley, University of Wyoming, 14.34. 8, Cashen Turner, Texas Tech University Lubbock, 14.36.

Bareback Riding: (second round leaders) 1, Dean Thompson, Western Texas College, 80.5. 2, Gauge McBride, Panola Junior College, 78. 3, Kolt Dement, Panola Junior College, 77.5. 4, Stetson Bierman, University of Tennessee – Martin, 70. 5, (tie) Cruz McNulty, Miles City Community College, and Shawn Perkins, Western Texas College, 68. 7. Mitchell Parham, California State University – Fresno, 66. 8, Jake Kesl, Gillette College, 62.

Breakaway Roping: (second round leaders) 1, Courtney Peters, Black Hills State University, 2.5. 2, Zoie Bedke, Idaho State University, 3.0. 3, (tie) Fallon Dyer, Missouri Valley College; Kaitlyn Harwell, New Mexico State University; Taylor Lawson, Southwest Texas junior College; and Blair Bryant, East Mississippi Community College, 3.1 seconds each. 7. Jacy Leach, Walla Walla Community College, 3.3. 8, Phannette Gray, Chadron State University, 3.9.

Steer Wrestling: (first round winners) 1, (tie) Bridger Anderson, Northwestern Oklahoma State University, and Zane Patrick, Mid Plains Community College, 4.5 seconds each. 3, Roy Lee, Missouri Valley College, 5.0. 4, Gus Franzen, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, 4.8. 5, Pacean DeLeeus, Cisco College, 5.9. 6, Walt Arnold, Tarleton State University, 6.1. 7, Bryce Harrison, University of Montana Western, 6.5. 8, Gavin Soileau, McNeese State University, 6.6.

Team Roping: (first round winners) 1, Wyatt Murray and Whitt Crozier, Panhandle State University, 6.0 seconds. 2, Kellan and Carson Johnson, Casper College, 6.1. 3, J.C. and L.J. Yeahquo, Western Oklahoma State College, 6.3. 4, Bodie Mattson, Gillette College and Cody Lansing, Casper College, 6.4. 5, Judd Grover, South Dakota State University, and Chandler Comfort, Black Hills State University, 6.5. 6, Ethan Griffin, Oklahoma State University and Blayne Horne, Western Oklahoma State University, 6.6. 7, Peyton Walters, Hill College and Kaden Profili, Trinity Valley Community College, 7.6. 8, Reno Stoebner, Southwest Texas Junior College, and Colton Brittain, Hill College, 11.4.

Saddle Bronc Riding: (second round leaders) 1, (tie) Keene Jestesen, Clarendon College, and Preston Ogle, Mesalands Community College, 79.0. 3, Cole Franks, Clarendon College, 77.5. 4, Clayson Hutchings, Utah State University Eastern, 73.5. 5, (tie) Russell Kay, College of Southern Idaho, and Weston Patterson, Clarendon College, 72. 7, Zane Munoz, Cochise College, 71. 8, Chance masters, Missouri Valley College, 70.

Goat Tying: (first round winners) 1, Paige Rasmussen, Montana State University, 6.0 seconds. 2, (tie) Keni Labrum, Frank Phillips Cniversity, Jill Donnelly, Cochise College and McKenna McNeill, Oklahoma State University, ,6.ollege, and Sheyenne Anderson, Missouri Valley College, 6.2 each. 4, (tie) Madelyn Schauer, Eastern New Mexico University and Lacy Bruening, Southwest Texas Junior College, 6.3. 6, (tie) Jill Donnelly, Cochise College; Lindsey Pulsipher, Montana State University and McKenna McNeill, Oklahoma State University, 6.4.

Tie Down Roping: (first round winners) 1, Macon Murphy, Panola Junior College, 8.1. 2, Ty Kirby, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M, 8.5. 3, Caleb Berquist, Montana State University, 8.7. 4, Zane Kilgus, Northeast Oklahoma A&M, 8.8. 5, Roy Lee, Missouri Valley College, 9.7. 6, Kincade Henry, Panola Junior College, 9.7. 7, (tie) Chasen Thrasher, University of Tennessee – Martin, and West Smith, East Mississippi Community College, 9.8 each.

Bull Riding: (second round leaders – three qualified rides) 1, Tristen Hutchings, Sulross State University, 77.5. 2, T.J. Schmidt, Panhandle State University, 73.5. 3, Austin Allred, Utah State University Eastern, 72.5.


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