Morel mushrooms to begin appearing soon |

Morel mushrooms to begin appearing soon

LINCOLN, Neb. – A spring ritual that many Nebraskans look forward to is fast-approaching – morel mushroom hunting.

Morels begin to appear in mid- to late-April. They are not only delicious to eat, they are easy to find. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has a few simple pointers that may result in a bucketful in no time.

– Go early and often; get out into the field when the lilacs and violets bloom.

– Morels appear first in moist wooded river bottoms, then later (around Mothers Day) in hilly, forested areas.

– Morels may be found just about anywhere, but around dead, dying and fallen trees are optimal places to begin a search.

Here are some key things to remember before embarking on a hunt:

– Get landowner permission. Most landowners will grant permission for morel hunting, especially if they are offered a portion of the bounty.

— Always go with a partner and be sure to wear blaze orange to be seen.

– Use a plastic bucket with air holes in it to carry mushrooms. The holes will allow moisture to drain and keep the mushrooms from getting soggy.

– Use a sturdy walking stick for leaning on when bending to pick up a mushroom or moving vegetation to find those that are hidden.

A morel hunt is an excellent way to introduce children to nature by providing fresh air and physical exercise.


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