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Mr. Truck 6-25-12

The Q56 is a fun ride that works well towing trailers. With a 8,500 pound trailer capacity, the Q56 can tow a three horse trailer under control.

Rear automatic air leveling ride kept the trailers I towed, level. Even the automatic high intensity discharge bi-functional xenon headlights, were auto leveling. With a class 4 receiver hitch, 400 hp V-8, 413 torque going through a 7-speed automatic, it is made for mountain towing.

My favorite option is Intelligent Cruise Control, with three distance settings, it brakes or accelerates depending on what the car in front of you is doing. It’s great for driving through cities on interstates and with a trailer it’s like auto pilot. The $3,000 package comes with blind spot warning and intervention, lane departure warning and prevention, distance control, intelligent brake control, with forward collision warning and adaptive front lighting system, with auto leveling headlights. It makes you want to crash just to try it out … but don’t, only a test dummy can say that.

The standard feature list goes on and on with a power telescoping heated steering wheel, hill start assist, rain sensing windshield wipers, deicers and tri-zone temp control. The second row seats power fold forward, the third row seat power fold down and the rear hatch powers up and down. It’s like having a personal assistant.

My second favorite feature is the Around View roof camera’s. It looks like you’re watching from above the roof. When you back up it shows you where you are backing at an angle and straight back with lines to show distance. The dial for zooming in the GPS monitor adjusts which camera’s you use – side, front, rear and above, which shows the sides. It’s incredible to see how close you are to the sides and front bumper with the monitor, day or night.

It has handles everywhere to climb in – this is important for an old guy like me. The 22-inch wheels fill in the fender wells for a balanced look. Heated seats in the front two rows and express down windows in the front two rows reminds you it is a luxury SUV. The dial knobs are easy to run, fast to learn, they are dials you can use without looking at them unlike buttons that you have to look at to find in the dash. Another knob controls the 4-by-4 hi-lo, traction control, tow mode and snow mode.

I’m getting used to the push button start and keeping the remote key in my pocket. The head lights as well as self level, have a focus beam in dim that you can see the ditches and watch for cows or deer sneaking up on you.

It’s a big SUV but is has good visibility, air ride, electronic brake force distribution and vehicle dynamic control with traction control that keeps your trailer straight. It’s capable off road, the running boards are tucked out of the way, I just would hate to scratch it. The paint job is as good as it gets.

Seats for seven, makes the Theater Package with 7-inch monitors on the back of the front headrests, 15 speakers, cordless headsets and wireless remote, great entertainment for my grandkids to watch their “Thomas the Train” DVD.

EPA rates the Q56 at 14 mpg city and 20 mpg highway, which is what my tank to tank fuel mileage test showed too.


Kent Sundling (alias “Mr. Truck”) spent 20 years wearing out pickup trucks as only a farmer could. With over 1 million miles pulling trailers, Mr. Truck has a unique collection of truck and farm stories that will educate and entertain. Mr.Truck gave up his bib overalls and John Deeres in his quest to save the farm and moved to the big city to sell trucks. After selling trucks for 10 years, this farmer now writes for eight magazines and owns over two dozen Web sites, helping folks find the “Right Truck.” If you have a question for Mr. Truck, you may contact him at his Web site,

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