Mystery Photo Contest 11-26-12 |

Mystery Photo Contest 11-26-12

We have a winner!

We received close to 50 entries for last month’s Mystery Photo Contest, all of which were correct!

Our winner, Edward Peppler of Longmont, Colo., identified the object as a tool to remove coal clinkers from old coal-fired furnaces. Edward is 92-years-old and remembers using one in his childhood.

“When I was a boy in the early 30s I attended a two room country school which had a coal fired furnace. We had no electricity and no running water. At the beginning of each school year the boys were each assigned certain chores. Mine in the 8th grade was to fire up the furnace on cold mornings. My first duty was to remove the clinkers from the grates. Then build the fire in the furnace.”

The photo was sent in by Virgil Grabeal of Las Animas, Colo. Congratulations to Edward Peppler and thanks to Virgil Grabeal, for sharing this mysterious and interesting photo with our readers!

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